Character Details - Cor Splasiqu

Written by Justin RainCreated : 8-Jun-2006 11:31:39 pm
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*Name:  Cor Splashiqu
*Race:  Merman
*Age:  5,012
Apparent Age 35
*Height:  6'2
*Hair:  sandy blonde
*Eyes: sky blue
Complexion:  fair
*Identifying Marks (if present):  when in the water his blue fin
Clothing:  As little as possible unless on land.  On land he wears blue jeans bare feet, and nada else
Personal Items usually carried:  Sea thorn for protection usually worn on a leather brace around his wrist. 

Personal Information:
*Personality:  Stern, Loud, Opinionated, but loving under it all
*Occupation:  Head of the Merpeople of Garden
*Skills and Abilities:   Diplomat, Healer,
*Weapons Used:  Sea thorn (shaped like a sword)

Background Information:
*History:  Cor was genetically made by the first race of people on Terra the founders of the pyramids and the Mayan relicts.  He and  a few others.  They grew, changed, developed their own culture, and eventually a few clans moved to Garden where they grew and spread out some more.  Due to the gentic involvement they do not procreate much, and tend to have one child per family.  Since coming to Garden life has been peaceful and idylic.  At his daughters urging he has allowed her to establish contact with the pixies, and they share the Caretaking of Garden.  Cor prefers to be in the water, and rarely (read not in the last 500 years) visits the main continent.  He would probably be considered prejudice against land-walkers but doesn't see that in himself. 
*Marital Status:  Married to his wife who was genetically altered while they were still human. 
*Children:  One Corianna
*Bonds:   He holds a blood bond with each of the clan leaders spread out through Garden this enables him to keep a loose touch on those in his rule.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

John Schneider