Character Details - Kado "Demon" Aiten Kuro Rauko

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Physical Description:

*Name: Kado "Demon" Aiten Kuro Rauko

Meaning of Name:
Strong (Anaisi)  Black (Japanese) Demon (Elven)

Schi (Elven Schi - Human/Incubus)

*DOB: August 13th


Apparent Age (if different):

3' 4"

32 lbs.

Long and black

All black with blue irises (changes colour with emotion as with all Schi and Anaisi)

pure white

*Identifying Marks (if present):  n/a

Clothing: Whatever his father wants to dress him in at the time.  Normally the classic Anaisi style, something like a traditional gi.

Personal Information:

*Personality:  Demon is a very unusual child that is often just as spirited and youthful as any other.  Sometimes he does tend to show a strange maturity, though.  He loves his twin sister dearly, loves to pick on her, and hates to be away from her for any length of time.  He can also be a very protective 'big' brother when those fits of maturity hit him.  Demon is very smart and well spoken for a three year old, which partially comes from his mixed heritage though his parents, and everyone else in their strange family, doting on him and his sister and educating them certainly helped.

*Occupation: None

*Skills and Abilities: Kado has the same flying ability as most Schi (though he is still learning), which means he has a set of wings.  His are feathered, unlike his fathers.  They are the deepest black with white tips, as unusual and distinctive as his twin's.  All other abilities he hasn't grown into, as of yet.

*Weapons Used: n/a

Background Information:

*History: Demon was born to Keiden (a Schi and Nathanael's second born son) and Tynan Hashimoto (half human/half incubus) on Keiden's mother's home world.  He was the first born of twins.  For the first three years of his life he was raised by both of his fathers and the unique family that had few blood ties and so was mostly adopted.  It was then that Tynan died, leaving Demon and his twin sister, Angel, with only one parent.  The three of them moved into the large loft over Hais Stauia after that.

*Marital Status: n/a

*Children: n/a
*Bonds: n/a

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