Character Details - Emerald Carter

Written by The Muse of Bardic WebCreated : 21-May-2006 10:56:41 pm
Last Edited : 24-May-2006 12:07:43 pm

Emerald is nineteen years old, 5'5" tall, and generously proportioned. She has long, thick dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her voice is a high soprano which easily veers into shrill when she's excited, but has a lovely pure tone when she sings.

Emerald is the grand-daughter of a Manchester mill owner who hauled himself up out of the middle classes into genuine wealth and is currently trying to buy a peerage. Her father is the eldest son, a semi-competant manager with none of his father's drive, and the family is not as wealthy as they might seem. A good marriage is essential for Emerald and her younger sister Pearl if the family is to maintain appearances.

Emerald, while serviceably pretty and fashionably buxom, has a few undesirable traits. She loves the theatre rather too much, has several undesirable acquaintances, and occasionally dodges her elder brother Bramwell's chaperoning to go to highly inappropriate theatre parties where she has been known to sing bawdy songs and smoke. She entertains romantic fantasies where a grand passion will sweep her off her feet and she will live in bohemian but comfortable decadence for the rest of her life.

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