Character Details - Serrena Sparrow

Written by Drake Silverwing

Name: Serenna Sparrow < All the girls have the same last name until they become warriors>

Race: Elf born...

Age: Unknown, but she looks nineteen.

She wears rabbit fur boots that laced up past her ankles and are tucked down to show its tanned skin. The rest of her outfit wasn't much more than a few hides sewn together. She had a short fur skirt, split up both sides showing her tanned and muscular thighs and legs, and barley covering her backside. Her top is made from a shorthaired animal, brown in color, beaver perhaps. It's more of a short top, cut low between and under her full breasts, before flowed over her shoulders and along her back. The straps crossed her chest and tied to the straps on her shoulders. Her skin is tanned,showing no lines, her body, muscular and firm.

She shows more skin than fur. Her white hair is long, cascading over her shoulders and falling down her back. Her beaded bangs hang in front of her face and bounced up and down with every step she makes. Her faint blue-green eyes notices everything around her and her pointed elf ears catches every sound that the forest makes. Her face is young and smooth, her nose small, lips red and full. She could turn any mans head with a smile, and some times do as a tease.

Across her face are three thick tattooed lines that started across the bridge of her nose and flowed out over her high cheekbones, to the front of her over sized ears. *That very rarely are seen. They are bigger than most elves ear, and she keeps them covered with her thick white hair that she never ties back. Anyone seeing her ears or mention them, would receive a dagger at their throat. once in a while the tips my peek out but if she notices anyone staring she gets very upset.*

Each colored band meant something. The red mark meant courage, the black stealth, and the red is for wisdom. The lines started just below her white-eye brows and ended just above the tip of her nose. The black mark made it easier to see without glare, if the sun was not too bright. But in the forest, the sun is never that bright.

Her mask marks her as a Amazon warrior. After this quest, she would receive matching armbands of the same color, marking her as a true Amazon warrior.

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