Character Details - Tigra Swift

Written by Drake SilverwingLast Edited : 7-Oct-2004 11:58:37 pm

Name: Tigra Swift

Age: 536 summers old, but she looks to be in her late twenties.

Race: Tigress

She has Almond shaped blue eyes. Her small black nose makes her features look more cat-like than human, and her mouth is full of long, sharp teeth. Her cat like ears are pointed and high up on her forehead . Her skin is soft and White and black hair grows out short and smooth, covering her body, from head to toe. Black strips run through the White hair like lightning , and out lined her face, and body. Her white hair outlines her fenline features and stops just short of hitting her shoulders.

Her tail is long and sleak, twitching from side to side. Her hands are large and powerful. Her fingers are very strong as many a human and elf alike have found out how powerful her hands are when they crossed her. She have been known to squeeze the breath out of men with one hand around their neck. Her fingernail are sharp, and she's able to retrack them , like a cat. They are only needed in battle or a hunt, so she kept them in. Anyone that knows her, knows to watch her fingers. When she became mad, the nails show. Meny men still show the scars of her nails. Some saw them to late, and they paid with their lives.

She had an hourglass figure, but every muscle shows when she walked. She wears a lose fitting ,black short sleave shirt, that seem to move with her, like it was a part of her skin. Long black pants that are skin tight and slit up the sides and stitched with leather in an X pattern. She wears black boots that come up to her knees, and made up of the finest leather anyone could find. They are made to acomadate her small feet, and they fit her sleek calfs well.

The only thing strange about her outfit is the belt.

The belt did not have a buckle. If one was to look at it close-which very few people do- they would notice that there was no end to it. It's made up of leather, braided in a way to show no begining, and no end.

She had a feline stance about her and when she moved, its like liquid. Fast and smooth, as if every step she takes is planned. She is able to control her tail, and has been known to pull a blade from a strangers sheeth and used it against him.

She is able to transform into a true White Tiger, but if she keeps the form to long she becomes trapped. Without someone there to call her name she will remain that way.

She carries a thin blade, elven made that glows blue whenever danger is close. A pair of twin blades rest in their leather sleeves on her arms. They are tipped with poison, to render anyone/anything helpless, yet able to answer questions. The only time the daggers kill is when Tigra allows it.

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