Character Details - Haylie Windsong

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Name: Haylie Windsong

Race: Human

Age: 23

Height: 5'2"

Build/Weight: 110

Hair: Long blonde hair that she keeps braided

Eyes: Sky Blue

Complexion: Fair complexion, with a hint of freckles running over the bridge of her nose and across both cheeks.

Identifying Marks (if present): An old slave mark on her left shoulder which she keeps hidden.

Clothing: She can be seen wearing a loose fitting, low cut tan sleeveless blouse and a multi-colored skirt that hangs just inches from the ground. Well worn tan leather boots that's laced tight up past her knees adds details to her outfit, and a thin black belt circles her narrow waist.      

Personal Items usually carried: A small brown satchel thrown over one shoulder. A leather harness which holds three throwing daggers circle her right upper arm.

Personal Information: Haylie was born into slavery, and at the age of five she was branded with a hot iron, marking her as a servant to the Mad King Sarthe. She never screamed or cried out like the other children, nor did she cry. At the age of eight, she was bought by Alyx, because she felt there was something special about the small, hot tempered young girl. Over time Alyx learned she had a spirit that no man, or woman would break.

Personality: Outspoken, angers easy, questions everything.

Occupation: Personal bodyguard

Skills and Abilities: Dagger throwing, and the use of a long staff, which when broken down becomes a long sword made by the hands of a great weapons smith.

After Alyx found and paid for her, she took Haylie to an old friend, a Sumerian who had the knack for choosing the right weapon for the person, just by looking at them. After learning of Haylie’s past, Garrick worked night and day for a solid week, forging just the right weapon. Once he finished, he handed the finely crafted over, without telling anyone what he had done.

At first Haylie only saw a staff of oak, oiled and polished with callused hands until it sparkled. For a time she learned how to use the staff as a weapon. Once she gained full control, Garrick showed her the secret of the staff. With a simple twist of the wrist, the staff broke in two, forming a long Samarian steel blade, and a short staff. The blade had been folded ten times over, to bring it to a fine razor sharp edge.           

Weapons Used: Daggers, long staff and sword.

Background Information:

Marital Status: Single

Children: None

Bonds:: Only a kindred friendship with Alyx


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