Character Details - Alyx Silverblade

Written by Drake SilverwingCreated : 18-May-2006 10:07:10 pm
Last Edited : 19-May-2006 7:55:48 am

Age: Looks 26 360 in elven years

Height: 5"6"

Race: Elven/Human

Family: Real parents unknown. Raised by Eric Silverblade, an old retired warrior.  

Description: Alyx has a strong, muscular form, full bodied with the features of a high born elf. Small, yet finely pointed ears stick up from her long auburn hair that she ties back into a top notch.

She has almond shaped eyes are milky gray in color that she keeps covered by two thin straps of tanned  leather.  She can be seen dressed in a tan short sleeved blouse with green vines and leaves circling her neck line. Black pants, made from the skin of a Dragon hugs her smooth hips and her long muscular legs, with tall black boots that are stapped up her slender calves. Thin black gauntlets circle her wrists. Carved within each gauntlet are the signets of a dragon, and tiger.

Blind since birth, she had been trained to be a warrior since the age of three by the man that found her on his doorstep, late one night during a great storm. The moment she looked up at him, with her milky gray eyes, he knew she was special. With her being blind her other senses came into focus, and over the years they have become so clear, so sharp she no longer sees herself as being blind.  

Occupation: Sword for hire.

Weapons: A long bow, which is thrown over her back,  with a dozon iron shod arrows, with steel tipped arrows, a twin set of daggers, one resting in each boot, and an elven blade that rests on her right hip.  

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