Character Details - Nizzre' d' Oloth

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Born into the rising Household of Rilynt'tar in the Underdark city of Faneadar, Nizzre'd'Oloth was fated to be the new Qu'el'saruk (House Weapons Master)when his Mistress slew her Matron-Mother and took over.

Massive injuries sustained in the ensuing battles dictated otherwise, leaving him bent and broken, relegated to mere warrior status. Discovered to be a faithful follower of Vhaerun, god of theives, rather than Lloth, he was stripped of all rank and relegated to slave away his life within the family adamantite mines.

After many decades, Nizzre'd'Oloth made his escape, hoping for nothing more than a quick death alone in the Underdark. What he found was a twisting path to the surface, and safe haven within the lair of a dragon. His wounds and old injuries tended and cared for by the dragon's healing powers, Nizzre'd'Oloth soon recovered, becoming stronger, taller, and healthier than he had ever been.

Fully recovered, he now seeks to overcome his dislike of the sunlit world, knowing he is marked as a renegade back home and would be severely punished before being cast back into the mines.

Name: Nizzre'd'Oloth d'Rilynt'tar d'Faneadar
Meaning of Name: Lightning of Darkness of House Rilynt'tar of Faneadar; NightShimmer
Height: 5'3" (very tall for a Drow male)
Weight: 135
Age: 130
Skin: Jet Black
Hair: White
Eyes: Amber in the light, Red in darkness
Identifying Marks: Body covered in scars, with Household Rilynt'tar symbol branded into left shoulder
Preferred Weapon: Two-bladed sword
Attitude: Cautiously relaxed

Trained from birth as a warrior, re-trained as a miner, stone mason, mage, and gemcutter. Nizzre'd'Oloth's skills are mostly combat-oriented, focusing on the two-bladed sword, combat spell casting, speed, and motion. He has great speed, with battle-honed reflexes and lightning fast reactions, often seeming to sense what an opponent will do beforehand. Like all Drow, he has greater than normal elven resistance to certain kinds of magic, as well as inheriting several spell-like abilities. His long exposure to the radioactive adamantite ore in the mines has increased his magical powers, giving him a measure of control over earth elementals, and earth, stone, and minerals. He is also far more muscular and powerful than a normal Drow male, well accustomed to fighting in tight places.

Having the Drow racial abilities, he also has the Drow frailties: most notibly a heightened sensitivity to sunlight. In daylight, Nizzre'd'Oloth must wear dark eye protection, as well as keep his skin covered to avoid a nasty sunburn. Normally, he travels during night; but as this isn't always practical, he keeps his sunglasses and sunscreen with him at all times. If hard pressed - either in battle, or by exposure to the sun - Nizzre'd'Oloth can cause the ground to swallow either himself, or his opponents(who will be trapped unless they dig/teleport out or he releases them).

Rarely talkative, Nizzre'd'Oloth keeps tales of his life in the Underdark for those he chooses to trust. Well versed in keeping his thoughts and emotions hidden, he rarely allows anyone to see through his veneer to the man he has become. Not fond of the goddess Lloth, he is a life-long follower of Vhaerun, god of theives, traitors, and assassins. Truth be told, he picked the only male deity he knew of.

Spurned and outcast in the Underdark, hunted and sometimes feared on the surface, Nizzre'd'Oloth wanders in search of someplace to belong.

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