Character Details - Diego Mercier

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Name:  Diego Mercier
Age:  Unknown
Height:  5' 10"
Eye color:  Deep walnut brown, near black
Hair color:  Diego tends to favor a shaved head, however, his natural hair color is rich walnut brown.  It is not uncommon to see him in a powdered wig.
House:  Roqulare (Ro claire)

History and background:  Diego Mercier is the last known survivor, ergo the Ascendant,  of a small, short lived, but once wildly popular Vampyre House located in 18th century, Terran France - House Roqulaure.  Known for as patrons of the arts and for their hedonistic tendancies and unquenchable desire to pursue pleasures of the flesh, those of House Roqulaure believed in one basic principle... for every agony, there must be pleasure to match.  This sexual freedom was one of the major draws to the House in a time when satisfying carnal lust was considered one of the seven deadly sins of the Catholic religion.  To be freed from the bondage of mortality and morality to pursue the gratification of the flesh brought many to House Roqulaure... and in time, was its ultimate demise.

Diego was one of the few to survive 'the burnings' as mass hysteria began to grip France, England and Spain and suspected witches, vampires and werewolves were publicly burned or otherwise horribly executed.  A few survived to flee to Caliginous and were absorbed into House Tepes, a House with similar characteristics, but lacking the deep appreciation for art, fashion, literature and other such pursuits.  In current times, Diego is the only known survivor.  It can only be assumed those who were grafted into House Tepes later died.

Appearance:  Diego is athletically built, and while his musculature is well-defined, he is by no means a heavy-weight.  He is fond of rich fabrics and dresses accordingly.  Powdered wigs, heeled shoes and the period dress of 18th century France is still his favorite attire, and when 'stepping out' he tends to dress the part of a nobleman of his time.

Personality:  Foppish nobleman is generally the first impression a stranger gets of Diego, but this is intentionally deceptive.  Diego is cunning, intelligent, and dangerous when provoked.  It is wise to not insult him, then turn your back on him... ever again.  He simply adores the company of males or females, but is for all intents and purposes, gay.  While he has no problems bedding a female and doing it well, and has no problems appreciating the sexual release while with a female, any hope for a lasting relationship would be found in a male companion.

Diego also laughs at titles... call him a Lord or worse, Ascendant, and he will generally collapse in a fit of laughter complete with tears and waving off to enhance the drama.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

John Malkovich
Art by Michael Whelan