Character Details - Arvid Norling

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Physical Description
Name: Arvid Norling
Meaning: Eagle Tree from the North
Race: Vallachian Human
Apparent Age: Thirties
Hair: Dark Brown, Shoulder-length, with one or two thin braids at the front.
Eyes: Mahogany Brown
Complexion: Fair
Height: 5' 11"
Build: Muscular
Identifying Marks: None
Clothing: Plain tunic and trousers in browns and blacks, sometimes with pieces of armour and/or a woollen cloak.

Personal Information
Personality: Arvid is rough around the edges and can at times appear brusque. He is more comfortable in the company of men than women, with the exception of Astrid and Ingrid who he views as his family.
Occupation: Warrior
Abilities: Like many men of his race, Arvid has been trained in the warrior arts from early childhood. He is a skilled tracker and warrior, as well as more than competent in the use of the longboats in which his people make their raids. He was a respected member of the warrior band of his tribe, amongst whom he was viewed as one of the natural leaders.
Weapons Used: Broadsword

Background Information
Marital Status: Single
Bonds: None
Children: None
Brief History: The son of Hilda Ahlstrom and Morten Norling, Arvid lost his father at sea when he himself was only five years old. His mother died of a fever when he was twelve years old and subsequently he and his younger sister, Astrid, were raised by Ingrid Eld whom he regards with a combination of respect verging on awe for her strength and shamanistic abilities, as well as a genuine filial affection. Following the events of The Sword of Valor, Arvid and Astrid joined Ingrid in her exile and have begun to journey far from the lands they once called home.

Other Information:
  • Like most Vallachians, Arvid's accent is similar to that of Terran Scandinavia, his native dialect being reminiscent of Old Norse.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Val Kilmer as Mad Martigan