Character Details - Ja'Kel Al'Terre

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Name: Ja'Kel Al'Terre
Meaning of Name: Love's Keeper Blessed Dreams of Stars
Race: S'Hean Elf
Age: 6000
Apparent Age (if different): Early Twenties
Height: 6'3
Build/Weight: Muscular Build 235 lbs
Hair: Chestnut, Worn Long
Eyes: Leaf Green
Complexion: Tanned
Identifying Marks (if present): Scar across right side of neck
Clothing: Leather Trousers and Tunic
Personal Items usually carried:

Personal Information:
Personality: Ja'Kel has an easy sense of humour and is easy to like. His life revolves around the Royal Family, his loyalty to them, and their safety.
Occupation: Foryen Hyem-Sirke (Captain of the Home Guard)
Skills and Abilities: Highly Skilled Ranger, excellent with both the sword and bow
Weapons Used: Hand and a Half Sword, Bow and Arrows

Background Information:
History: Ja'Kel has been a background player for many years, showing unwavering loyalty to the crown and high skills as a Ranger. He was involved with the wars in Shattered Web and was often seen in Scorched Earth as one of the more trusted guards.
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Bonds: None

  • Water is irresistable to S'Hean elves, as a result Ja'Kel is hard pressed not to strip down and jump in anytime the opportunity presents itself
  • Ja'Kel is bi-sexual but his preference leans heavily towards men
  • Ja'Kel's scent: fresh water and sandalwood
  • Magic: Mostly portals and rune magic, air will smell like ozone when he uses it
  • Son of a Noble House, he is the nephew of Lord Ja'Mel Al'Terre, his father's twin brother. His aunt is Lady Am'Elle W'Cren, wife of the infamous Pe'Ris W'Cren.
  • Shares blood ancestors with the D'Riel Clan, C'Etra Al'Terre married B'Renn D'Riel (Y'Roden's Great-Great Grandfather and Grandmother, C'Etra is Ja'Kel's Great-Aunt)

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