Character Details - Lucinda and Jonas Rosewood

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Name~ Lucinda Rosewood

Age ~ 636

Height ~ 5' 6"

Hair ~ Ash Blonde

Eyes ~ Vivid green

Background~ Lucinda is the daughter of Belinda and T’oril Rosewood, sister to her twin brother Jonah. Her mother was a simple Human girl, working at a small tavern outside of the forest edge, when T’oril came in one day and spotted her serving him his meal. He was young, just learning the ways of humans, but fell deeply in love with Belinda at first sight. After two years of being served by her, dating and showing her where he was going to build a home for his family, he proposed to her. A year later the twins were born.

Personality~ She is cocky at times, saying anything that comes to mind, daring anyone to talk back to her. But her gentle smile and her dark green eyes had been known to turn many a head her way. She has the grace of a cat, as she moves and walks. Trained by her father to become a Ranger since she was able to walk and read tracks. Her mother watched as she grew, but in turn grew older as she grew up. Belinda taught her the ways of human kind, teaching her the finer arts of persuasion and how to cook and sew.

Physical appearance ~ Lucinda would say that she’s short and lean, but she has a very attractively built, taking after her mother. Her skin is a golden tan, from running through the treetops with nothing on when she was younger. Her hair is a light blonde, with lighter highlights, short and wind blown. She prefers to keep it that way, not caring to brush it, but to just wash it and let the wind dry it. Her eyes are that of her mother’s, slightly rounded and dark green. When she is under pressure or angry, they grow almost black. Her ears are pointed, much like a cats, but she keeps them well hidden under her free winded hair. Had any of the boys who teased her as a child could see her now, they would think she was beautiful, not the bony knee, thin lanky child she once was.

Clothing ~ Lucinda is fond of tight fitting brown jeans, that accent her short black boots with the soft soles. She wears a simple cotton long sleeve blouse, green in color, cut tight against her chest, yet giving her freedom of movement. She also carries with her a cloak, camouflaged that she uses to hide herself at times, when she wishes to be alone.

Occupation ~ Tracker/Ranger

Weapon of Choice~ A Long bow made from a young Ash tree, seasoned for two years, before carved and set with waterproof string. Also, a quiver of arrows, elven made to shoot straight and far. Pair of matching Daggers is placed in each boot, hidden from sight until needed. She can use a blade as well if not better than Jonas, but has long since told him that, “A blade is for people that have short vision, and must bring their enemies close in order to kill them.”


Name~ Jonah Rosewood {Pronounced Jonas}

Age~636 *A few seconds younger than Lucinda.

Height~ 5’ 8”

Hair ~ Blonde, almost white

Eyes ~ Deep Gray with silver speckles

Background~ Son to Belinda and T’oril Rosewood. *See above* Younger twin brother to Lucinda Rosewood. But only by a few seconds.

Personality~ Shy and quiet at times, keeping to himself most of his life. Jonah doesn’t have much to say, unless asked to speak. He lets Lucinda do all the talking for them, because she will not let him get a word in edge wise.

Physical appearance ~Elven features, tall for his age, with long blonde-white hair that he pulls back in a ponytail, which is held in place by a thin gold band. His ears are long and pointed; eyes almond shaped like his fathers, gray in color, sometimes changing into a darker gray when Lucinda gets in his hair. Strong but slim muscular body, arms and legs. His skin is also tanned, with a hint of a gold hue that surrounds him like a halo. His mother had called it his Morning Glow, like when the sun was just rising, but had not yet peeked over the horizon.

Lucinda called it showing off.

Clothing~ Jonah wears a loose fitting pair of brown jeans that he tucks into his tall black soft sole boots. He wears a simple green cotton shirt, long sleeved, with a bow guard sewn into his right shirtsleeve. The shirt is loose formed, for easy movement. A thin black belt holds a long blade by his side. He also has a cloak, camouflaged that he carries with him during his excursions.

Weapon of choice~ Jonah carries on his right side a long thin sword, elven made by his hands, with his fathers instructions. A pair of daggers sits on each side of his hip, for easy reach, and another between his shoulder blades, hidden by his ponytail for emergencies and such. He is capable of using a bow, but enjoys close encounters when it came to fighting. As he has told Lucinda in the past, “Bows are for people that can’t fight up close and must kill from a distance.”

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