Character Details - Valerie Tangaroa

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Height: 5'7

Hair: Dark Black

Eyes: Blue


Distinguishing marks:

In the water, Valerie has a scaley purple/blue fish tail with fins on the bottom and one on her rear. On land, Valerie has scaly purple/blue spots on her legs as well as on her stomach and behind her ears.

Valerie has spent her whole life on Garden. Her family has a cove under Magdaihn Isle. She has recently begun a romantic relationship with the merman, Raf Verde.

After the events of Eiri Beoga, Valerie left Garden and Raf behind, hoping to find herself and distance herself from the world she never felt she belonged to. She is unaware that she actually physically can NOT return to Garden World because it has been shut off from the rest of the multiverse.


Valerie has a mean streak and can come off as a complete snob, especially to Corianna who Valerie dislikes for some unknown reason. Deep down though, Valerie is not so terrible but she rarely (if ever) shows this to anyone.

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