Character Details - Boyd Bressnahan

Written by Justin RainCreated : 2-May-2006 2:42:41 pm
Last Edited : 2-May-2006 2:48:08 pm

Basic Characteristics
Height: 6'2
Hair:  Brunnette
Eyes:  Brown

 Age: 22
Distinguishing marks:  Freckles on face

Jewelry;  Silvernecklace around his neck warn since he was born

Basic History;   Boyd is Canadian raised in Northern Alberta.  He is a farm boy, and loves a good wrestling match.  He was adopted along with his sister Taylie.  He has known his sister has magical abilities, but has never realized any of his own.  This is soon to change.  Boyd will have the ability to portal, and the ability to sense strong emotion.  Boyd may also discover a small ability at telekentic--but he will only be able to push things away not pull things toward him.

Boyd is a strong physical fighter, having excelled in wrestling in school.  He has also experience with fencing, and archery.  These are skills he used as a human in competition, but not necessarily to defend his life.  Something he recognizes is much different.

Boyd is fairly estranged from his siter due to their responses to their parents death. 

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

James Marsden