Character Details - Sigurd Eld (Muldoon)

Written by Willow SilverwingCreated : 30-Apr-2006 12:15:50 pm
Last Edited : 2-Oct-2006 11:15:42 pm

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Name: Sigurd Eld (Muldoon)
Occupation:  Warrior
Race:  Vallachian Human
Hair:  Light brown, unruly, long
Eyes:  Blue
Complexion:  Tanned
Height: 6’ 2”
Build:  Muscular
Identifying Marks:  None

Clothing:  Woollen tunic over trousers…bare chested most of the time unless the weather becomes too cold, then wears a fur vest.

Marital Status:  Single
Bonds:  None
Children:  None

Abilities:  Has learned some of his mother’s skills with herbs just from watching her.  Doesn’t care much for the rituals that she performs.  Has honed his skills as a warrior learning from Odin, who he believes is his half brother.

Weapons:  Broad sword, long bow, Cross bow, axe, knife

Additional Information:

Son of Ingrid Eld, shaman of the tribe of Reran Muldoon. Believes he is the half brother to Odin Muldoon, until his mother tells him otherwise.  He considers Odin his friend.  His mother considers Odin and usurper and in the way of her plans for Sigurd to be the Zired.

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