Character Details - Nori Kenkawa

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nori*Name: Nori Kenkawa

Meaning of Name:



Apparent Age (if different):


190 lbs

dark brown

honey yellow

light tan scale

*Identifying Marks (if present):
elipitical eyes and his body is covered in a fine scale

simple light clothing similar to a terran kimono

Personal Items usually carried:
a Kesaiketin, and a ceremonial dagger

Personal Information:

Nori despite being kind and gentle *For his race* was still raised with the precepts, he won't like outsiders right off the bat. He's a minor lord and heir and will not be used to doing much for himself. It would take a lot for him to warm up to anyone, and the language barrier is going to add another problem to this.

heir to the Kenkawa Ginyoshi

*Skills and Abilities: trained as a warrior, but he's still learning barely into his novice period. He was going to be trained as a monk and is a natural magic user, but magic for a warrior is a weakness so he doesn't use it.

*Weapons Used:
A kesaiketin

Background Information:

Born the third son of a Ishido Kenkawa, a minor Ginyoshi (equivalent to the terran Shogun) Nori was destined to become a monk. Happy with his life, Nori was raised by his mother instead of his father. Although Ishido loved his son, he was more than willing to let the boy be mothered before he would be sent to live in the monastery. He was trained to read, and write, his caligraphy was above par, he was taught dance and meditative techniques along with simple magical spells and light shows.

His life was normal, he grew up in a simple village, he was too far away from the captial, and his family never travelled very far. He loved reading and listening to his mother as she read poetry. He wasn't a violent boy, and was a complete pacifist in his youth. It wasn't until his hundredthe birthday, that things changed. There was a minor feud between the Kenkawa and the Okata familys, each side taking stabs at the other, but the fighting had been relatively minor. Until one night there was a raid on the Kenkawa family farm. When the Senyuki (Samauri) went to protect the farmers, there was a scuffle. It was during the monsoon season and between the rain, the ground and the low visibility there was an unfortunate accident in which Nori's older brother was struck down. He died four days later of his injuries despite the work of the healers. To add to the tragedy, Nokuro was a twin, and within hours of his death his twin followed him to the other side. (Note: Twins on Aruinnbith are thought to be the perfect separation of soul between two bodies, it is nearly impossible for a twin to survive the death of their other half, the hours, and sometimes days after are marked by insanity, sickness, and a sort of half life. Usually they are put out of their misery quickly. Some twins have been known to last months deteriorating slowly. There is only a small chance in which a twin will survive and they have usually been marked by Anthasuis the god of death for the rest of their days)

Nori quite suddenly found himself the only heir, with absolutely no training in which to take over. Suddenly thrust into his father's world, Nori tried his best to win his father's approval, but over the years he's proved to be nothing more than a disappointment. He's not much of a fighter although trained he finds battles distasteful and would rather not fight given a choice. He is more monk than warrior although he was never trained as a monk he prefers that lifestyle to the one he was forced into.

*Marital Status:



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