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Height: 6'2

Hair: Bald but has a dark mustache and goatee

Eyes: Green

Age: 450 (452 during Eiri Beoga)

Distinguishing marks:

In the water, Raf has a scaley green fish tail with fins on the bottom and one on his rear. On the sides of this tale are patterns of yellow and black spots. On land, Raf has scaly green spots on his legs but no other visible markings of a merman. On both land and water, he has light green lips.


Raf was born on Terra and spent the majority of his life there in the Pacific Ocean. At the age of 12, he watched as his family was butchered by Japanese fisherman looking to eat merflesh (which they believed would make them immortal.) This trajedy would change his life forever. He spent the next few hundred years wandering Terra and watching it become a darker world, the only time Raf was truly happy during this time was when he married Susan. Susan was a human woman who was the love of his life although she never knew that he was a merman. (Or at least did not let on that she knew.) Raf and Susan tried to concieve a child but each time Susan concieved she would miscarry. Raf blamed himself for this because he was a merman and realized they probably could not have a child for this reason. Raf knew the miscairrages were hurting Susan too much so he decided it was best for her that he spare her the grief and leave. He has now somehow ended up in Garden World and has found the Magdaihn Isle. He has no idea how he got to this world and is shocked to find other merfolk like himself.


Raf keeps to himself a lot and is often lost in thought. Although once others get to know him they find that he is a very good merman. Yet, like most mermen from where he is from, Raf has a terrible temper and will become viscious and violent if provoked. Although he does not share the mischievous nature of other mermen.

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