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Having seen too many cookie commericals and seen the name slandered even on the Vine, all the members of the boarding house decided to create the noble vain powerful Unseelie elf Kebler(one "e" so copyright fits couldn't be had.*G*). Kebler is a baker though it is a hobby and he does NOT bake cookies.

"kneading dough it theraputic and relieves the frustations and bloodlust that can't be released in battle."

His accent by the way, is because a couple of us are taking German as a second language, though in studying Drow it is a language of "germanic origin" like Klingonese. Five different people play Kebler so the Elf can have any of five different personalities though there are certain constants that will not change.(Dragongrin is his best friend...not lover, side kick. He worked for Darkness/Evil and is therefore an unseelie High elf. He is a peacock.)

Standing 6ft 11 inches tall, with long flowing golden blond hair, his eyes deep wells of swirling Darkness, handsome and muscular (and vain); Thorold Kebler is the embodiment of UNSEELIE, EVIL Elfkind. He is not Drow. He is High Elven, and proud of it! His PURE HIGH ELVEN lineage puts many to shame. However, the Curse of the Keblers keeps him from being a balanced Elf (not a bit of Seelie to him.). He wears the circlet of his rank, being a true Elf Lord, and is usually seen in armor, being a warrior(paranoid bastard). He is versed in courtly manners and intrigues, and can fool the best of them. Kebler is also a battlemage.

Recently, his Master, Darkness, abandoned him -- and all the rest serving here -- leaving Kebler a free agent for the first time in centuries; a confusing and distressing situation at best. Kebler is trying to adjust to this.

And, if you've read the Lord of the Rings, by Tolkien, Kebler is a Keeper of a Palantir.

Thorold Kebler(Heru is a title) is actually High Elven Fey, as his blood father came from the Plane of Faerie, where he is a high noble among the Unseelie (evil) court. Since his release by Darkness, Kebler's eyes are rainbow hued, with the colors flowing in them constantly. He is tall - 6'11" - and muscularly slim, with gold-tinged skin and palest golden hair that falls in long, flowing waves. His body bears many scars - most from battles, some from the hard life of being adopted into his step-mother's - a Drow Matron - household, and his soul is shared as part of another person's being (DG, DragonGrin, Matron Tarshawn,...), linking him forever to her, both telepathically, and emotionally. Native to Toril, one of several Prime Planes, Kebler travels freely to and from the Plane of Faerie on visits to his father's court.

Yes, he is a warrior, a battlemage, a knight, a keeper of a Palantir(Far Seeing Stone from LotR), a lord, ..... and a baker. Baking is his hobby, an outlet for stress as well as a means of bringing in money to his personal coffers. However, he does NOT bake cookies. EVER. Pies, pastries, breads, in profusion, but NO COOKIES. Nor does he live in anything remotely resembling a hollow tree - he has three strongholds at present: One outside of Waterdeep on Toril, one within the Underdark beneath Toril's surface, and one on the Unseelie side of the Plane of Faerie. Thorold Kebler is well versed in courtly intrigues, having spent centuries as a master of it within the Underdark - and having inherited the Fey skills at it from his father. Well mannered, polite, and always seemingly friendly, he takes great pleasure from weilding the hidden dagger, playing various factions against each other for his own enjoyment.

However, Thorold Kebler remembers his friends, and holds true to them - so long as they hold true to him. He never forgets - or forgives - anything, making him a dangerous person to meddle with. Knowing he has all eternity to settle up, Thorold Kebler can afford to take his time, plotting and planning every detail of rewards or revenge, waiting for the perfect time.

Yes, he is vain, and somewhat paranoid - though he is handsom in an otherworldly manner, and has gained many enemies in his long lifetime. He still appears youthful, perhaps only three or four hundred years old, despite his centuries of life.

One of his worst weaknesses is also one of his greatest powers: Thorold Kebler can not die. Because his soul is literally part of another being's soul, no matter the injuries, no matter the agony, no matter how severe the damage he has suffered, Thorold Kebler survives. His body continues to live, his Fey blood granting him powers of regeneration that allows him to recover from the most devistating attacks, in time. Over the centuries, he has suffered greatly from injuries that should have ended his existence, and has gradually recovered physically - however, his mind has turned from the pain and horror, giving him an edge, a level of hidden insanity, that allows him to face nearly any situation with a smile. After all, a smile is nothing more or less than a display of your teeth. He can literally undergo whatever it takes to accomplish his goals. Very few beings know this about him.

Thorold Kebler has one - and only one - love of his life. He has known many lovers, but only one has ever meant anything to him. For a time, they were denied, kept apart by those who sought to control him. When they were reunited, they soon had children - he still holds them dear - and finally knew happiness. Enemies have tried to use this relationship - tried and failed - and many allies openly say that "Thorold Kebler only loves himself.", they do not know him as well as they imagine.

Thorold's soul is half of DragonGrin's(Tarshawn's) soul, as hers is half of his. They are friends, not lovers, sharing far more than anyone imagines of themselves. Because Thorold can't die, DragonGrin is also cursed, incapable of death. This goes back to their early childhood, to a single event that joined their souls forever as a single soul, shared between two bodies. This link has saved what is left of Thorold's sanity, allowing his mind to escape the torments of his body by entering DragonGrin's mind - a favor he has returned on several ocassions. He calls DragonGrin his "Gwath Harma", and he loves her - as he loves himself. Any attack on her is an attack on him, and vice versa, so they often come to one another's defense.

Thorold Kebler has a sense of humor that is oddly dark and somewhat twisted. Given his origins, history, and experiences, that he HAS a sense of humor may be the most remarkable thing of all.

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