Character Details - Aydin

Written by PunkRockerCreated : 8-Apr-2006 5:27:26 pm
Last Edited : 9-May-2006 1:31:37 pm

First and formost, Aydin is a rock star...or the fanasty equivalent, a bard. He lives for music and has sold his soul for fame and glory.

However his passion is Nature. He is the keeper of a sacred grove when he is not rocking and part of the deal for his soul was to keep the grove and the surrounding area safe from ALL harm.

However the Baatezu, Asmodeus is who he made the deal with and the Lord of Lies has him over a barrel. Aydin is bound to do what the Devil wishes in order to keep his perks. This leads Aydin to do many things he ordinarily would not.

Physically Aydin is five foot nine inches tall with a rainbow mohawk haircut. He is slender and willowly almost elven in build though he is all human. He has blue-green eyes and wears garish clothing. However he can be subtle and moody at the drop of a hat. When in the presence of nature he is very quiet and reverant.

He has power from his music. He can make or break a situation with the power of his songs. He also can tap into the the planet especailly the flora and fauna and while he seems to use his talents for good, mostly he does what will be advantagous to him.

Or Asmodeus.

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