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Reiss *Name: Reiss Darumril
Meaning of Name: Strong
*Race: Aerdonian Human
*Age: 350
Apparent Age (if different): 24
*Height: 5'11
*Build/Weight: 165
*Hair: Dark Brown
*Eyes: Brown
Complexion: tanned
*Identifying Marks (if present): tracery scars from fighting and training
Clothing: simple, leathers, anything that makes it easy for him to move and fight
Personal Items usually carried:

Personal Information:
*Personality: Overall he's kind, cheerful, honest and loyal,there are times when he can be too serious but those instances are usually rare, and only when he's under serious stress.
*Occupation: Ritor of Noveress
*Skills and Abilities: Proficient in both archery and sword play, Reiss is an able fighter with a love of battle. He is no slouch when fighting unarmed but he prefers weaponry, and has spent years mastering several techniques.
*Weapons Used: Sword and long bow

Background Information:
*History: Born the first son of the Ritor of Noveress, Reiss spent his formative years training under his father, learning everything he could. In his youth he idolized his father for his strength and character and did everything he could to follow his path. His father's illness came quite suddenly, and in the weeks that followed Reiss had been forces to remove the older man from power. The insanity that the old Ritor was suffering under had begun to affect his leadership, those in their care fearing the old man's sudden rages and switches in mood, fearing retribution for some imagined slight.

The hardest thing he'd ever had to do was sign the order to remove his father from his position, guilt gnaws at him for the decision, his father's words, and all too brief lucidity haunt him. The old Ritor is currently locked in one wing of the castle, hidden from the public like a leper. Every so often Reiss makes his way down to talk with him to see if there's anything left of the man he once knew. But it's no use, the stress is getting to Reiss, but he will not crack, he needs to keep himself together, even as he tries to hold onto the tenuous threads of his office.

*Marital Status: single
*Children: none
*Bonds: none

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