Character Details - Caitlin Hayes

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Name: Caitlin Kylie Hayes

Race: Terran human

Age: 28

Height: 5'4"/162cm

Build: 50kg/110lbs. Very slim, almost boyish

Hair: Reddish-blonde

Eyes: Blue

Complexion: Pale and freckled.

Occupation: TIF Engineer.

Caitlin is a TIF engineer. She's of Irish-Australian family, with red-blonde hair, fair freckled skin, and blue eyes. She's tiny, about 5'4" and very slim. She's 28 years old, a Lieutenant. Her personality, while it endears her to her juniors, will probably prevent her from being promoted any higher.

Caitlin is bright and bubbly, occasionally loud, and she loves to laugh, drink, dance, sing, and play practical jokes. She's fiercely independent, and luckily very talented with it. She's happy to work alongside others co-operatively, it's just order she doesn't really do.

Her love of ships and space came from an attempt by her family to emigrate to a colony world. Their frontier spirit lasted two years before it became unbearable and they returned to Earth. Her parents and her sister Ellen still live in Australia.

Please note: As of Ghost in the Machine, Caitlin is dead.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Gemma Hayes