Character Details - Kilpatrick Jones

Written by Drake Silverwing

Name: Kilpatrick 'Jones' Stonecrusher (Kil to his friends)
Age: 103
Race: Dwarven (Daewar)
Height: 4’ 2” Tall for his age

Dwarves are a stocky folk, averaging only four feet in height, but weighing fully one hundred fifty pounds. Male dwarves boast thick beards, which they display proudly as any peacock showing its feathers. Many male dwarves begin to go bald halfway through their lives, however. Female dwarves also have more facial hair than typical for the Realms other races, though it seldom amounts to more than a downy fringe. One might see a dwarf woman with a respectable beard, but such a rare beauty comes along only once in a generation. The voices of dwarves characteristcally have a deep, resonant tone that brings to mind the thundering echoes of falling hammers.

Builder of one of the Realms dwarves.

Their clothing is generally brighter, though it may still seem fairly drab to most advanced civilizations, dwarves are noted for their determination, stubborness, and industriousness. There are typically two subraces of dwarves-those that dwell amongst civilization(Daewar) and those below the mountains(Daergar)-each look physically very similar, but can span the full spectrum of emotions when grouped.

The Daewar are somewhat taller and leaner than their cousins, but every bit as tenacious and willful. Thanks to their exposure to the weather and sun, their skin tans darker than that of mountain humans. The largest concentration of Daewar hail from Qetag's Reach, a unified dwarven kingdom in the Barrern Peaks to the far north of Darkhaven. Other Daewar make their homes in the villages northeast of DarkHaven.

These dwarves do not shy away from the civilized lifestyle of the lesser races and frequently come into contact with any number of different races in their travels. The majority of them lead a lifestyle generally similar to those around them, and are quite ready to adapt to change.

The Daergar claim themselves to be the closest original heritage of the dwarves of old, as both races used to be known to live under the surface at one point. Little is known about their politics and beliefs (except that monarchies still reign) as very few venture out for more than a few days a year. Leading such secluded lives, the Daergar tend to be less open minded than their surface dwelling brothers. Most live in small pocket kingdoms, deep in the underbelly of the Mountains of Desolation.

Even though contact between the two subraces is limited, word has spread of a revival amongst those underground, the once central Kingdom of Juargan is said to be reunififed and gathering the smaller kingdoms into one superior force. While news of this does come as a shock, since the kingdom has been believed to be disassembled for several centuries now, it does not come across as a threat to the Daewar, as both subraces still have a respect for one another.

Aule made Dwarves strong to endure the rigors of Ea and the Darkness to come. Therefore they are stone-hard, stubborn, fast in friendship and in enmity, and they suffer toil of and hunger and hurt of body more hardily than all other speaking peoples. And they live long, far beyond the span of Men, yet not forever. And they are smaller than Men, more compact and can resolve these rigors therefore. A Dwarf is a good ally to any friend and a stout companion to any party, yet he is a fierce fighter to an enemy, quick and strong of blows.

And although many may say a Dwarf has a rough and craggy look, their faces shine with inner light and a keen wisdom. They enjoy a good gathering of friends and are renowned for their ability to quaff down barrels of fine ale. Their songs are the forebears of many great tunes and it is said that the Blues as we know it today has its roots and magic in the 'druum-druum' of the enchanting dwarven sound.

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