Character Details - Jerri Jensen

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Physical Description:
*Name: Jerri Jensen
Meaning of Name: Spear-Mighty God is Gracious
*Race: Terran Human
*Age: 24 (Dark Weavings)
*Height: 5'8
*Build/Weight: Slight, but nicely curved
*Hair: Blonde
*Eyes: Maya Blue
Complexion: Peaches and Cream
*Identifying Marks: Butterfly Tattoo at base of spine
Clothing: Jean shorts and baby doll t-shirts (T-shirts generally have some sort of witty or naughty saying on them like 'Magically Delicious')
Personal Items usually carried: small purse, wheeled totecase and a crystal necklace.

Personal Information:
*Personality: Bubbly, Clever, Spunky. Not likely to take guff off of anyone and possessed of a scathing wit.
*Occupation: Flight Attendant
*Skills and Abilities: Customer Service, Cooking, Hairstylist, bilingual
*Weapons Used: Wit

Background Information:
*History: Brought up in Ontario, Canada attended college in Toronto and became an Flight Attendant after graduation. All around party girl and world traveler… just never expected to travel OFF World. Jerri popped up in the middle of the Green Heart Inn and has no idea how she got there. She has yet to leave, having no way back to her home planet. She has spent the last four years or so at the Inn, or travelling to a few select places with Galain.
*Marital Status: Single, current lover is Galain Alcarin
*Children: None
*Bonds: None

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:

  • The origin of Jerri's tattoo in her own words: “A friend suggested it, she thought it suited my personality. Flighty – flitting from flower to flower. That, and I was a homely child, all ungainly and awkward, she said that my teen years were like watching a butterfly emerge from a cocoon.”
  • Jerri is a sensualist, and is quite forward about it. She knows how lovely she is, naturally sensual, and finds men incredibly easy to seduce – in fact, stumbling across one that isn't interested is quite a shock to her.

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