Character Details - Lady L Athena

Written by Drake SilverwingLast Edited : 3-Sep-2006 9:00:12 am

Name: The Lady L Athena

Height: 5' 2"

Age: Slim but very athletic. Hour glass figure in her elven form.
In her Dragon form she stands well over 20' tall, with Silver-blue skin and a light silver underbelly. She's a Silver Dragoness.

Hair: White/ short

Eyes: Sky Blue

Identifying Marks/Tattoos: A small scar on her left shoulder

Personality: She is very quiet at times, leting other speak first, before answering. She may be old, but in her form of a young Elven, she acts like a teenager at times.

Skills and Abilities: Well versed in the way of old magic, and can handle her blade with the best of warriors. Never kills, unless she sees true darkness in ones soul.

Weapons: Rarely goes anywhere unarmed. Carries on her left hip a long, thin blade, elven made with a pair of daggers in each boot.

Dress:She wears a simple outfit over her, which consisted of a blue-white sleeveless shirt, skin tight, with a black leather vest, that was buttoned just under her breasts, making them stick out. A long black pair of leather pants came next, with thin black scales, that moved as she breathed and walked.

A short pair of boots, with the same scales rose up to her ankles. Each tip and heel was inlaid with silver, making them click as she walks around and stretches. Over her shoulders she carries a long flowing cloak of blue over white that seem to trail behind her as she walks, floating over the path as if there was a breeze in inch off the ground, keeping it aloft. A gold clasp in the shape of a dragons claw keeps the cloak locked around her throat.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Gigi Edgley