Character Details - Rhylzt Kilzynge

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Physical Description:
Name: Rhyltz Kilzynge
Meaning of Name: Spy Hunter of the People of the ruins
Race: Drow
Age: 2600
Apparent Age (if different): Late twenties
Height: 5 foot 9
Build/Weight: Athletic
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Amber
Complexion: Ebony
Identifying Marks (if present): General scars
Clothing: Street clothes
Personal Items usually carried: general weapons

Personal Information:
Personality: Rhylzt knows his place in Drow society and knows that to keep his current rank or go higher he has to fight the other males while keeping in the good graces of his Matron.
Occupation: High ranking soldier and body guard
Skills and Abilities: Weaponry and dark arts
Weapons Used: Knives and Guns

Background Information:
History: Rhylzt is originally of House Kilzynge but was abandoned by the Matron Mother since he was male and was not needed, he was raised above ground and grew up on the streets until he was found in the Do’ana neighborhood. In an odd act of kindness he was given the choice to either join the Do’ana gang or be killed. After choosing to join House Do’ana he worked his way up to his current position.
Marital Status: Consort of Sabalae Do’ana
Children: None
Bonds: General bond to Sabalae

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J. August Richards