Character Details - Ciaran McDougall

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CiaranPhysical Description:

*Name: Ciaran McDougall

Meaning of Name: dark son of Dougall

*Race: Human

*Age: 26

Apparent Age (if different): 26

*Height: 6'2

*Build/Weight: 220/ muscular

*Hair: Brown

*Eyes: blue

Complexion: Clear, tanned

*Identifying Marks (if present): Several minor scars from battles nothing life threatening, a couple of powder burns that have left interesting colouration on his tanned skinned

Clothing: typical sailors clothing, loose enough to work in but nothing that can get caught in when using the guns

Personal Items usually carried: pistols, four knives, a deck of cards, a thing of dice, a small purse of gold

Personal Information:

*Personality: Kind Ciaran nonetheless has a definite my way or the highway attitude in all things especially in work.

*Occupation: leuteniant in Navy

*Skills and Abilities: Martial fighting skills as well as weapons training with both knives and guns. Specific training with many types of cannons, guns and explosive devices.

*Weapons Used: anything that explodes, he prefers pistols and cannons to anything else.

Background Information:

*History: Ciaran is a lieutenant in the British Royal Navy. His family is well to do but still middling, of the peerage but I'm thinking closer to just above gentry statis. His great grandfather if I've got dates right (although I'm not trying insane with history) would have been one of the numerous knights that James VI and I added to the ranks during his years as King. His family is rather large and has been part of many of the troubles that haunted the era, some of his uncles were on the side of Cromwell whilst others weren't. This followed down the line, but his particular line, namely his grandfather and father found a career in the Navy. His Grandfather before his death attained Rear Admiral of the Red, and his father is currently a Rear Admiral of the Blue.

This has put an interesting amount of pressure on Ciaran to meet his father's expectations. Although he was almost guarenteed his current position due to his families relative importance, Ciaran hates hand outs. He does what he can to prove himself. Which brings him to where this story.

I'd like Ciaran to start off with this as a new post for him. On his previous vessal he was 1st Lieutenant but that wouldn't make much difference for this particular ship it would all depend on who joined first.

*Marital Status: Single

*Children: None

*Bonds: none

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