Character Details - Walk with Spirits "Walker"

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Walk with Spirits (Walker to his friends)

Occupation: Medicine Man

Age: 36 Turns of the Star Diamond (62 years)

Ht: 6’1"

Wt: 180 lbs

Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair: Coal Black, Waist length, worn back in a braid.

Skin: Mahogany, weathered and leathery

Distinguishing Marks: Tattoos – 3 stars in an arc above the right eye, 1 star below same eye.


Omen Reading – the ability to tell bits of the future through various means, e.g. casting bones, reading weather patterns, etc.

Singing – Walker has a beautiful voice!

Powers: Spirit Conjuration – the ability to summon a nature spirit native to the location and give it a physical form. Conjured spirits can be compelled to obey if need be.

Spirit Communication – the ability to communicate with the aforementioned spirits.

Spirit Empathy – the ability to see, hear and/or feel what a summoned spirit can.

Spirit Binding – the ability to link a spirit to his will, force it to stay conjured over a longer period of time.

Precognition – a sixth sense allowing Walker to sense bad Precta (Karma)

World: Doshka

A forested world, broken up with wide stretches of flowing plains and rivers. The peoples are largely undeveloped as the US Native American tribes, though some cultures have reached the status of the Mayans and Antlantians. Spiritualism and Demon worship dominate all philosophy.

History: Walks with Spirits was the Medicine Man for a small tribe on the edge of the Jebooti forest. He on the eve of the Return of the Star Diamond (an astronomical formation represented by the tattoos on his face that occurs once every two years) for his traditional Spirit Communion. The omens were terrible and he hurried home to find his tribe devastated. A terrible rain had caused the river to flood – his people were killed suddenly in the night. Walker roamed about for 10 Turns of the Star Diamond seeking atonement for not seeing the signs sooner. His quest ended when he found the inn. He sees the Nexus as the Spirits’ Redemption for his failure to read their messages correctly before. He now has the opportunity to help others and he takes that responsibility very seriously.

Personality: Walker is very mysterious. He is cryptic and often speaks in riddles and proverbs. He is a grandfather at heart and treats others as younglings in need of a wiser guiding hand. He trusts the spirits implicitly and will never go against their advice (though sometimes a sign will tell him that advice has changed just in time for him to change his plan of action)

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