Character Details - Dax'lana LaCrox

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Name: Dax'lana (Dax) LaCrox (La’Croy)

Meaning of Name: “Little Timepiece”

Race: Scientific enhanced Human

Age: Timeless

Apparent Age (if different): 28

Height: 6’0

Build/Weight: 170lbs. Athletic build

Hair: Brunette

Eyes: Hazel

Complexion: Medium

Identifying Marks (if present): Dark leopard spots framing her face, neck, chest, shoulders and back.

Clothing: Depending on the era/time in which she is in.

Personal Items usually carried: A Bender *Device used to travel through time.* Bio-dimensional travel pouch. Language enhancer, stun gun and bio spectrum inhibitor (Solid field Hologram)

Personal Information:

Personality: Dax is a very outspoken person who calls things as she sees them without as much as a thought to the consequences of her actions. Studious, always full of questions, always seeking just the right answer. Will not take a simple no for any answer given. Seeks knowledge.

Along for the ride is her close friend and guardian is Deets', a shape shifter/changeling *See Bio Below*

Occupation: Time Bender/Traveler

Skills and Abilities: Dax holds the basic skills of all historians and Time travelers. Which are:

  • Learning to cope and handle most situations.

  • Reading, writing and speaking most languages, (with help from her language enhancer).

  • Basic Agriculture

  • Basic Politics

  • War and its pragmatic issues on life (Cause and affect)

  • Being able to (discern/discover) how different race(s)/worlds have died/disappeared over time.
  • Archeologist and Tomb raider.  

She has been taught a number of ways to defend herself (Hold a gold belt in Shak’lar’te). (Ancient art form of nerve manipulation, acupuncture and hand to hand combat) Hates daggers, swords and the like. Relies on her trusty KT2000. (See weapons used)

She’s capable of healing and regeneration of her own wounds, if they are relatively minor. A major, fatal wound etc. takes time to heal. Decapitation is beyond her ability, nor is she able to heal others, though she’s a qualified doctor/nurse.  

She is unable to see into the future, only the past. She likes to remain in the present during visits to off worlds, until she learns of a major event. Then she travels back to record it for prosperity, and study.

Weapons Used: Basic KT2000 Stun Gun. A weapon capable of stunning and rendering helpless anything with a nerves system within fifteen clicks (thirty yards), by use of an electric shock wave dampening field. Weapon holds twenty, ten second bursts with three different settings, Low, medium and high for the larger, more muscular beings and creatures before needing to be recharged.

Recharging takes a total of two rams. (Ten minutes)    

Background Information:

History: Dax grew up on world full of science and technological marvels, a place rich in knowledge and wonder. Space travel was once thought to be nothing more than a dream, until they learned how to build ships that sailed the stars on solar sails, harnessing the sun's rays, turning it into pure energy. With such advantage over their fellow neighboring planets, they sailed from planet to planet setting up trade with other worlds, gaining knowledge and machines that all but changed their world overnight. They visited dead planets as well, harvesting its vast knowledge and ways that were left behind.

One such find was a small instrument that was found circling one large skeleton wrist. Two circles of silver hanging from a delicate chain with a small hourglass rested in the center of the strange device and ancient inscriptions carved into the metal. So ancient were the symbols the Language Enhancer fried and died while trying to decipher them.  

After finding more of the same items they brought them back to be studied by their leading scientists. Some thought that they were nothing more than simple time pieces, while other thought they were nothing more than a status symbol, seeing how they were found only on the females of that dead race.             

By accident one time piece was dropped, causing it to spin. The man holding the silver chain vanished, never to be seen again. After much study, and trial and error they learned that the time pieces were in reality used to travel through time. The planet they found them on had two odd seasons. Darth, and Lithe (Dark and Light) so the race would slip back in time, during the Lithe season, while in real time Darth reined supreme.

But a solar flare threw their time tables off and they were left in the dark, killing them all instantly.  

Learning that time travel was possible, they experimented more, learning that the devices folded, or bent space and time, making travel easier and much quicker than solar sailing ships.

They also learned that they could trap time, or copy time in small bubbles. They used this knowledge to record tragic events and use such knowledge by running different scenarios in each time bubble, to understand the cause and affect one would have if events unfolded differently. In turn, they learned that the past could be changed, but under drastic and sometimes deadly consequences.

Soon the TimeBenders were formed, a small elite group of historians all seeking new knowledge and ideas on far away planets, recording history in the making, and bringing back bubbles of time. They were given a set of rules to obey. If they deviated from the rules they could be trapped in a never ending loop of time, until which point they either fix their errors, or remain traveling a recurring nightmare day after day until they went mad, or destroyed their benders.   

  •     Rule #1. Do not Kill under any circumstances

  •     Rule #2. Do not bend time for personal use or satisfaction to the fact. (Revenge)

  •     Rule #3. Do not mess with or control free will.

  •     Rule #4. Do not change time for one’s own benefit. (Ruling a world)

  •     Rule #5. Do not change the past to reflect a new future. (See rule #1.)

*More rules will follow

But over time one scientist grew bored of playing with the time bubbles, and started changing time and events on his own planet. Soon the stream of their time became critical, and their time and space folded together, destroying the planet and all that once lived there, leaving only the bubbles of copied time in its wake.

One such bubble was being visited by Dax, who once emerged, found her plane of existence gone, wiped from history. She now seeks the one responsible, hoping that they too were off world at the time of the collapse. When found she will forget Rule #1 and kill him/her.     

Marital Status: Single

Children: None

Bonds: None

Tools of the Trade:

Time Bender: A magical device that bends space and time, allowing its wearer to slip through time, to different planets, and stars. (The distance between two objects can become closer by bending the space between them, thus making time travel quicker and easier.)

Time Bubbles: Clear, marble like bubbles of time, that can be worn like a necklace or bracelet. Used to record and trap events for further study. Borrowed time that does not affect the time stream, only copies the event as it unfolds.  

Bio-dimensional travel pouch: Basically a pouch that hold an endless amount of supplies, a dimensional pocket between space and time. A rift or warehouse.   

Language enhancer: A Basic language computer capable of storing and compiling a number of languages, and spitting them out in common, the most universal language. (Looks like a silver earring.)

Bio spectrum inhibitor enhancer: (Solid-field Hologram nebulizer) A basic wardrobe modification tool which allows the wearer to be dressed in clothes set in the time frame and period of the planet being visited. A solid-field hologram that surrounds the wearer, modifying or forming clothing that moves with ones body. (A simple tool to change ones clothes to fit the times).  Made to look like a simple brooch.

KT2000 Stun Gun: See Weapon of choice.

Dax's Familier/Guardian:

 Name: Deets’ Maxi’million (Deets’ for short)

Meaning of Name: Shadowshifter

Race: Shape shifter

Age: 5012

Apparent Age (if different):

Height: From the smallest moth to that of a leopard

Build/Weight: 1 oz to 115lbs

Hair: Varies with what ever creature he becomes

Eyes: Green/Cat like

Complexion: tri-color

Identifying Marks: (if present) A scar on his right ear/wing in the shape of an hourglass.

Personal Information:

*Personality: Know it all. A creature that’s not afraid to speak his mind. He can normally be seen as a small furry tailed rodent, or that of a large Gypsy moth sitting on Dax’s right shoulder.  

*Occupation: Watcher/Guardian

*Skills and Abilities: Deets is capable of shifting shapes at will to blend into the surroundings, from a parrot on a ship, to that of a dragon/cat at a wizard’s convention.

*Weapons Used: teeth, claws, tail, foul breath.

Background Information:

*History: Deets is a scientifically enhanced Chameleon, or to some a shape shifter, a being with an infinite wisdom and grace who is, in Dax’s own words, “The voice of reasoning.” He and others like him traveled with the other TimeBender’s, to protect and serve them during their hour of need. They are Watchers, protectors of time and space, for they will not allow a TimeBender to break the rules.

Breaking any of the Bender rules are punishable by prison or death.  

After shifting for so many years he’s forgotten what his true form once looked like. He has been heard to say that his old form would turn even the strongest stomachs. He showed Dax once, and since then she’s forbidden him to show his true self ever again.

*Marital Status: Single but looking

*Children: No

*Bonds: No



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