Character Details - Vitmyr Stormcrow

Written by Vitmyr StormcrowCreated : 20-Mar-2006 12:38:45 am
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Name: Vitmyr Demarcus "Stormcrow" Marseilles

Meaning: Stormcrow - A name given by Vitmyr's family, upon graduating from his studies as a Mage. As his control of water and electricity are astounding.

Race: Half-Human/Dryad - A rare breed in any realm, except  when it comes to Vitmyr's family, who believe the magic from Dryads fuels their already potent link to not only the Arcane, but Elemental magic as well.

Age : 27

Apparent Age: Looking short for a fully grown man, combined with a lack of muscles, this particular Mage looks to be no more then sixteen years of age.

Height: 4'10"

Build/Weight: Short and athletic looking, with the faintest hint of muscle, this peculiar mage weighs no more then one hundred and fifteen pounds.

Hair: Mostly a sandy blonde, the only peculiar thing about the hair would be the bangs. Resting calmly on either side of his face, hanging down past his shoulders, two seemingly perfect braided locks sit. The right a brilliant, almost silvery white, the left a peaceful sky blue with the faintest tint of green running down the middle, creating a most peculiar contrast to the mans fair skin.

Eyes: Able to draw in even the most resilient or frightened of people, his eyes, a subtle mixture of forest green, specs of deep ocean blue and a touch of fiery red close to the outer rim of the pupil are one of the most striking features this man has to offer.

Complexion: Slightly lighter then most; one would almost call him an albino. Smooth and free of visible scars, most women would kill to have so fair a complexion.

Identifying Marks: None that can be noticed, unless one was to watch him undress. Beneath the earthly colored clothing, on his lower back, what seems to be a tattoo of a great Oaks leaf lies. More then just a mark of his family, beneath the skin lays a seed from the tree of his mother, a gift given upon reaching manhood, to aide him in the coming trials he would undoubtedly face as he travels.

Clothing: Always clad in the same, rather boring looking tunic and pantaloons, made of a simple linen cloth nothing would seem out of place. But a cloak, most magnificent if looked at closely, always covered these. Throwing off the assumption most would make, of him being a simple traveler. The fabric shifts from a forest green, to a sky blue from time-to-time, causing those who are not used to it a bit of nausea if they looked for too long. In the middle the intricate design of a large Oak tree, which seemed to have been threaded with the finest of gold silk, goes from the very bottom of the cloak, to the top, a most breathtaking piece of art with detail that would cause most to think the thing was literally growing from the fabric itself.

Personal Items: Almost always one his person, Vitmyr carries a medium sized, leather bound book from which he can call upon his spells, and jot new ones down. Also a dagger, though it looks cause a bit of suspicion, as the hit seemed to be carved from the spine of some Human... or other unfortunate being. Its blade black, only the razor sharp edges showing a silvery gleam.

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