Character Details - Enkara LeSevern - Caliginous

Written by Mira Badb CathaCreated : 19-Mar-2006 7:37:42 pm
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Name: Enkara LeSevern (On Earth she was known as Marie de' Medici)
Age: Appears 20 something
Hair: Jaw length, dark brunette
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 95 lbs

History: Marie de'Medici, or Enkara LeSevern as she is now known, was at one time the Queen Regent of France, and one of the last of the Medici lineage to hold a throne in any capacity. She vanished at the age of 17, and was always assumed to have been assassinated, however, no body was ever found. In truth, she was abducted, with the intention of being held for ransom. However, she was abused and tortured, and eventually sold into prostitution when those who had taken her decided she was worth much more to them over a long period of time. She was taken from France into northern Italy. Approximately four years later, at the age of 21, she was beaten severely and left for dead in a hanging cage, or 'gibbet'. Against her will, she was Embraced by one of the undead, Lance du'Lac. Her physical body was almost beyond repair when Embraced, and it was necessary for Marie to slip into torpor for several months and was taken to Caliginous. When she awakened and realized what had happened, she fled in horror, but also because to remain in Lance's care would mean she was once again the property of another, against her will. She sought shelter in the one place she felt she could be safe - The Mind's Eye. It there she remains, ever wary of those who come and go seeking the same protection of the Mistress, and it seems her worst fears may soon be realized. The protection of the Mistress is now under fire, and her sanctuary is threatened.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Isabelle Rossellini from Death Becomes Her