Character Details - Aksel Gaertner

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Name: Aksel Gaertner
Meaning of Name: Oak Tree
Race: Aerdonian Human                                  
Age: 35 
Height: 5' 11"                               
Build/Weight: Medium, but strongly built                   
Hair: Mid-brown, collar-length
Eyes: Brown                                
Complexion: Tanned                      
Identifying Marks (if present): Several scars, including toothmarks in his left shoulder from an encounter with a Turach.        
Clothing: Generally practical in design, such as a leather jerkin and trousers in neutral colours.
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Bonds: None

Skills and Abilities: Archer, Tracker, Hunter

Weapons Used: Longbow

Personality: Practical, Self-Contained

Other Information:

The son of Ulrich Gaertner and his wife Griselda, Aksel was brought up in the realm of Noveress in the South-West of the Ruauldnahm of Aerdon with his younger sister, Mina. This region has perhaps the most diverse plant and animal life in the Ruauldnahm. However, it was in the deciduous forests of the central third that the Gaertners made their home.

Employed generally as a forester or archer, Aksel is most at home outside amongst the trees of his homeland. Many people find him reserved and a little stand-offish, as he is uncomfortable in social situations and unfamiliar with small talk. He was nonetheless close to his family, particularly his gregarious younger sister. It was therefore devastating for him to lose them in an incident of murderous rage during which the village slaughtered their friends and neighbours. Returning to find the carnage, the forester is determined to find answers to his questions about what actually happened there that day.

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