Character Details - Gardener

Written by Justin RainCreated : 7-Mar-2006 10:12:08 pm
Last Edited : 7-Mar-2006 10:17:32 pm

Basic Characteristics
Height:   6'2"

Hair:  Sandy blonde/brown

Eyes:  Brown

Age:   Ageless

Distinguishing marks:  very nondescript blends in almost unnoticeable

Jewelry:  NOne

Basic History; 

The gardener is the son of the Creator.  The god of the pixies, although they don't refer to him as such.  He is the deity who placed them and many of the other sentient beings on the planet of Garden.  He is rarely seen, and rarely written, except special appearances at weddings, or to bestow a blessing.

He is a non-interfering god, he prefers things to happen as they should.  And has only interfered approximately 6x---all to get the pixies in Garden and the pixies in Catheska back in contact with each other.  He hopes nobody finds out he was the one who did that, and that this will be the exception to the rule, not the actual rule.

If you look into the Gardeners eyes, truely study them you will be unable to describe what he looks like, or remember much, except for the feeling of unsurpassable, and overwhelming love.

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