Character Details - Paul Davids

Written by HelenCreated : 6-Mar-2006 6:42:43 am
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Name: Paul Davids
Age: Unknown
Apparent age: Mid to late 50s
Hair colour: Steel grey
Eye colour: Blue
Build: Slender


Paul Davids is the genetic father of Shari Mars, Anaya D'Riel and Rachel Blackthorn. He has a history of violence, abuse, rape and torture, including capturing and imprisoning his own twin daughters and torturing them for information.
Having died when the Corporation was disbanded, Paul was returned to life by Haven's Dark Goddess Ehrun, to balance out the return of Helen Mars, and to work for Ehrun against the Goddess of Light - Semel.
Paul does not resemble the Agent his children remember. Unless they are told, it is highly unlikely that anyone would recognise him.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Donald Sutherland