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Physical Description:

*Length: 20' nose to tail tip

*Wingspan: 21' tip to tip, fully extended
*Build/Weight: Bipedal, with arms, tail and wings, slender and gracile / approximately 456lbs.(182.5kg) [Think of a "Utah Raptor" dinosaur, add wings somewhat like a pterodactyl and a bat, with a thumb and two fingers midway along the wings’ leading edges, a crest of hair-like feathers, and wing membranes covered in short, hair-like feathers, more on the lower legs and fore arms; give it five digits on the hands - no true thumb, but two semi-opposable fingers; and make it golden with black stripes.]

*Hair: More a type of hair-like feathers, in shades of gold and black
*Eyes: Metallic golden, black vertical slit pupils
Complexion: Fine scales in shades of gold, with black stripes, pale golden underbelly
*Identifying Marks (if present): Stripe pattern is unique
Clothing: Woven tabard-like body covering with identifying symbols, belled anklets(worn in public)
Personal Items usually carried: Two satchels with equipment, tools, and snacks

Personal Information:
*Personality: Outgoing, observant, and very hands-on, involved in his surroundings, curious
*Occupation: Explorer, Translator, Representative to the Council
*Skills and Abilities: Linguistics, Literacy, Illustration, Debate, Etiquette, Blind Fighting, Tracking, Hunting, Limited Telepathy(see racial description), Weaponry, Technology Comprehension, Brawl, Dancing, Winged Flight, Breath Weapon, Dodge, Aerial Combat, Martial Arts, Direction Sense, Heightened Senses, Lightening Reflexes, Flawless Balance, Racial Memory, History
*Weapons Used: Generally his own claws, teeth, "killing claws" on each foot, breath weapon and wits are enough; however, he will use whatever weapon comes to hand if need be - from stones and clubs to grenades and lasers,..... has a crystal weapon of his race’s own design.

Background Information:
*History: Gythzzyk earned his name, "Exploring Claw", shortly after hatching, when he was seen repeatedly capturing large insects, taking them apart, and examining them before eating. He has continued to live up to his name, by exploring everything around him, so upon entering adulthood, his name was entered into the official records of his people. Selected to act as a representative to the ruling Council of the island, he has learned many social skills that involve interacting with other races. During a recent attempt to discover how high one could fly, he spotted a previously unknown large landmass along the horizon to the far north of the island. This has prompted some debate - both among Dragonhawks, and among the other races when news of this discover was brought before the Council. Gythzzyk is a Golden Dragonhawk.
*Marital Status: Single
*Children: None*Bonds: None

Racial Info:

"Dragonhawks"; the only earth-native species of true dragon, evolved from a branch of theropod dinosaurs known commonly as raptors - more specifically, the larger "Utah Raptor" variety. It is theorized that the near-miss of a radio-active asteroid triggered the series of mutations that led to - or sped up - their evolution. There are several subspecies, corresponding to a wide variety of ecosystems.

Standing roughly six to eight feet tall, roughly twelve to twenty feet long, nose to tail tip. They have fine scales, with hair-like feathers forming a crest atop their heads, down their necks, with some having more hair-like feathers on their lower legs and tails, and even arms. Their hands - modified from the grasping claws - usually have four or five digits - no true thumb, but one or two fingers that can become opposable. Hind feet have the killing claws, sized to match. The wings - similar to a cross between pterodactyl and bat wings - come off the body between the front limbs - arms - and the hind limbs - legs. Each wing has two fingers and a thumb-like digit roughly halfway along the leading edge, these can hold small/lightweight items. Wing membranes are covered with fine scales, and short, hair-like feathers. Some subspecies are covered by more hair-like feathers than others; some possess entire coats of hair-like feathers. All Dragonhawks have a breath weapon: electrified plasmic streams. They are capable of focusing this into a formidable assault.

The largest sized subspecies of Dragonhawk is the Golden Dragonhawk, which usually has metallic gold coloration overall, often with stripes of black, brown, olive, tan, or multi-colored stripes against a golden background. Golden Dragonhawks also have vocals better suited to mimicry, which enables them to better master languages of other races - despite having rather inflexible lips. They are able to more rapidly adapt to new concepts and thought processes, making them translators and placing them more into contact with other races. They tend to prefer open plains with tall grasses, living in domed shelters created to blend with their surroundings. Golden Dragonhawks wear bells on their ankles - in public, so others can hear their approach - and identifying tabard-like body coverings, with one or more satchels slung across a shoulder to carry tools and equipment. Golden Dragonhawks also often become shopkeepers.

The next largest sized subspecies is the Blue Dragonhawks; which live in colder climates where there is snow for much of the year. They are covered in hair-like feathers, and their taloned feet have knobbly pads for traction and webbing, to help traverse loose snow. They are blue-white, with shades of grey and black breaking up their outlines. They often wear the hides of prey animals to help maintain body temperatures. They also carry satchels holding equipment and tools. Blue Dragonhawks often sound somewhat like stereo-typical Russians speaking English poorly when they try to communicate with other races. Blue Dragonhawks tend to keep to themselves.

The next-smallest sized subspecies of Dragonhawk is the Mountain Dragonhawks. They look similar to the Blue Dragonhawks, only more grey than blue, with less of their bodies covered in hair-like feathers. These have blue, brown and green markings, and wear animal hides and woven plant fibers, carry satchels for their tools and equipment, and make musical wind instruments out of bones and clay. These are avid tool makers, using local stone to fashion tools they use and trade to other subspecies and races.

The smallest sized subspecies of Dragonhawks are the Forest Dragonhawks. These live in tropical and sub-tropical forests and jungles. These are typically shades of greens, browns, with a touch of blue or grey here and there. Their bodies are only half covered with hair-like feathers - their undersides only have fine scales. They wear satchels, with tools and equipment - no clothing to become entangled in the undergrowth. However, they wear jewelry - strings of beads - as identifying marks. Forest Dragonhawks usually have one who keeps bees - for the honey and wax.

All Dragonhawks can employ magic; most can even use magic items created by other races. They use all manner of weapons and any technology they can find - however, they have a technology all their own, based on crystals and sun/moonlight. They have a written language all their own, with regional dialects and variations. Within each subspecies, Dragonhawks are telepathic, though often limited to emotions, scents, and images. As a whole, they share racial memories, spanning back to before they possessed sentient self-awareness. They see well in darkness, being diurnal hunters, and their senses are exceedingly sharp. Dragonhawks, as a rule, find reading ink on pages difficult - their eyes are designed to see more three dimensionally. Same goes for most computer screens. Dragonhawks are group-oriented; a throwback to their ancient pack-hunting ancestors.

*Name: Gythzzyk
Meaning of Name: "Exploring Claw"
*Race: Dragonhawk (Zrr’ykthyzzak)
*Age: 1,123 (young adult)
Apparent Age (if different): Humanoids have a hard time telling what age a Dragonhawk is.
*Height: 8'10"
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