Character Details - Brenna Jer'ahl

Written by Rhiannon KTralCreated : 28-Feb-2006 8:51:39 pm
Last Edited : 10-Mar-2006 11:51:17 pm

Physical Description:
*Name: Brenna Jer'ahl
Meaning of Name: None
*Race: Savouins
*Age: 240
Apparent Age (if different): 24
*Height: 5'10"
*Build/Weight: Slender, well muscled
*Hair: Blonde
*Eyes: Blue
Complexion: tawny
*Identifying Marks (if present): None
Clothing: hide halter and midthigh sirkt sit in front to waist.
Personal Items usually carried: sea shell necklace

Personal Information:
*Personality: Serious when needs to be otherwise adventurous
*Occupation: Warrior
*Skills and Abilities: can use all mundane weapons, track, field first aid
*Weapons Used: bow and arrows, dagger, and short sword

Background Information:
*History: working on this
*Marital Status: Not married
*Children: None
*Bonds: None

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Ali Larter