Character Details - Cooper

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Name: Cooper (full name unknown)
Meaning of Name: I believe it means "barrel maker" but that has nothing to do with her.
Species: Human. At least that's what she WANTS you to think.
Occupation: Typically, pirate; but if it pays she might take it on
Age: 28ish?
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 125 lbs, give or take, mostly muscle
Hair: Long, black, curly; may be flying free, or messily tied back
Eyes: Stormy, grey-blue
Complexion: Tanned, weathered
Scars: Various, including a large gash-like one on her right forearm, and a crescent shaped scar running from her forhead to chin on the left side of her face.
Clothing: Typical pirate clothing, male in style; a tucked peasant's shirt, vest or short coat (long clothes are for landlubbers), sash, a tricorn hat or bandana, and breeches or slops. Sometimes she wears soft boots but usually on ship she goes barefoot for better feel. All are worn, and in neutral colors (cheap fabric).
Skills: Bullwhip, cutlass, pistol, sailing, mathematics and accounting
Weapons: She carries a whip, a pistol and a cutlass. She practices often.

History: Since Cooper has basically taken a position on any ship that offers, her history is rarely known to any she works with. She's been working on ships, pirating and otherwise at sea since she was eight. Hey, it beats becoming a child prostitute. At least in some ways.

Cooper is tight-lipped about her origins; most assume she was born to street folk who may have died, or simply neglected or abused her, causing her to seek her own way in the world. Whatever the case, she stowed away on a merchant ship as a child. The merchant, a better man than most, put her to work instead of throwing her overboard.

Personality: Gruff, closed off and angry doesn't begin to describe it. Cooper is not the kind of person one would get to know. She's efficient and effective. She hates to be on land -- nothing makes her more grumpy, except maybe lazy sailors.

Other: No one knows her as anything other than "Cooper"; if she has a first name, she's not telling.

Cooper has some uncanny abilities regarding the sea. She can predict the weather for days out with consistent accuracy. She swims extremely well -- for a human. And it seems like sharks and other ocean predators give her an awfully wide berth.

On land she tends to be clumsy, and never seems to get her "land legs".

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Anne Bonney
Mary Reade