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Full Name: Tserisa Cerrisious Velvetwing
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon
Species Specifics: Velvetwyrm
Color: Black
Eyes: Dark brown, round pupils
Archetype (Dragon Type): "Western"
Size: 44' long


Tserisa is a pure black dragon, a quadruped (western) in stance (four legs and one set of wings, long neck and tail). Her scales (generally too fine to be seen individually) and leathered/membranous (bat-like) wings feel like velvet to the touch. Her eyes are dark brown and she has round pupils. Her tail is very long and prehensile (able to grasp), and often carried with a little curl at the tip (either up or down). She does not drag her tail as she moves. Her muzzle is long, fine and elegant.

Aside from her velvety texture, her most notable feature are her ears. They are very long and expressive, more than the length of her skull.

Tserisa is a quadruped and has four wicked, sharp black talons on each foot (anisodactyl, three toes pointing forward and one back). The hind toes on the foretalons are also opposable and, like a thumb, can be used to hold things.

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Tserisa is probably the most mundane Dragon in existence. By most standards, she has no magical abilities, though she does have some abilities that go beyond those of the average human or animal. Note: These characteristics are specific to BardicWeb and do not necessarily reflect Tserisa in other RPs.

Breath Weapon: Fire. (Tserisa can also breathe a non-toxic, highly effective, citrus-scented mosquito repellant. With soothing aloe.)

Passage: Tserisa is skilled at walking between worlds, whether you call that stepping sideways, planes walking, sidling, portalling, blinking, etc. 

Physical Advantages: She's large, strong, and agile. She can fly. Her tail is prehensile (with it she can grasp, hold, pick things up, and so on). She is fairly impervious to inclement weather. She has sharp talons and teeth.

Weaknesses: Tserisa is not a particularly powerful being as far as most Dragons go. She has no shapeshifting abilities. She has no magic. She is mortal and can be killed. She has to eat and drink and find shelter to survive. She doesn't even have impenetrable armor-like scales or horns. And perhaps her greatest weakness is that she is the only Velvetwyrm, and alone.


Mainly because I hardly remember exactly what happened in the RPs with Tserisa, and none of them from TSFV are saved, her history with the other characters at BW is sketchy at best. She's met quite a few (Galain, An'Thaya, Jaina and so on) and participated in various adventures, but I remember so little of the details that I'm just going to have to fudge that, and in essence -- she knows you, and is fond of you, and if you remember more than I do, just drop me a note to remind me.

This is not the human Tserisa that could be found on some boards; they are not related characters, and just shared the same name (the writer's name, that is).

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