Character Details - Emily LaDuff

Written by Drake Silverwing

Name: Emily La’Duff

Race: Djinn/Cat

Age: 523 years old

Eye Color: Grayish Blue

Height: 12 inches on all fours. 5’4” in Djinn form.

Hair color: White light blonde in Djinn form

Emily is the seventh daughter to the seventh Mother to the La’Duff family. As a Djinn, she holds special powers that were tapped at a very early age. She was given to a powerful master that was kind to her, and treated her as his daughter, not asking for much from her, only her laughter and her kind words. When he turned older and was ready to passed on he told her that his time was up, that he had seen enough of this world and for her not to cry. She was to be given her freedom, but before it could be set on paper she was taken away by force, trapped in the small lamp that made her home.

She was forced to do strange and terrible things for her new master, a cruel man that spent his pleasure hurting and torturing others. She refused his offer of freedom, if she would marry him, and he grew angrier each day. He tortured her with wishes, and she was called on to make them come true, yet she refused. She was then cast out by the Djinn for not following the orders of her master. Though he was a cruel and vicious master, he had never harmed her physically. So, she was turned into a white cat with grey blue eyes, to spend her life chasing mice and eating scraps from the floor.

Her mother, being the seventh daughter of the seventh mother of her house sought pity on her, and placed a spell upon her. She could change form, but only at night, and only when no one was around to see her unless they held the magic to do so. Anyone else that looks upon her will only see her in her cat form. She was able to keep her powers, but was not able to use them for herself, but only for others.

Her curse can only be lifted when the sun and the moon came together as one. But for now, she remains a cat.

She was given a collar of leather; her lamp being shrank down as a charm. She waited until her cruel master died of old age before she escaped, and now she wanders the land looking for a kind master, and a warm place to sleep. Her only wish is to break the curse and be the seventh daughter of the seventh mother once again.

But for now she searches for a new master...

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Barbara Eden