Character Details - WeeWarryn

Written by Rhiannon KTralCreated : 22-Feb-2006 9:30:35 pm
Last Edited : 22-Feb-2006 9:41:06 pm

Physical Description:
*Name: Wee or WeeWarryn
Meaning of Name: None
*Race: Ukrina
*Age: 326
Apparent Age (if different):
*Height: 7 inches in alternate form ... 5'10" natural form
*Build/Weight: Slender, willow in natural form.. that of a squirrl in alternate form.
*Hair: Lavender
Complexion: pale in natural form
*Identifying Marks (if present): None
Clothing: loose pants and vest in natural form
Personal Items usually carried: None

Personal Information:
*Personality: chipper, helpful, caring, inquisitive
*Occupation: Spy
*Skills and Abilities: working on this
*Weapons Used: teeth and claws

Background Information:
*History: working on this
*Marital Status: Unmarried
*Children: None
*Bonds:  Companion of X'Hart K'Tral

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

A pic Thaya made