Character Details - Argorian

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Name: Argorian
Black Dragon (CathEska)

Age: Several Hundred Millennia
Apparen Age: 35
Height: 75ft (from bottom of front foot to top of head)
Weight: 120 tons
Length: 450ft (from front shoulder to tale tip)
Wing Span: 900ft

Scales: Black Iridescent... imagine looking at a puddle of oil and the way the colors reflect off it's surface when the light hits it just right. His scales are impenetrable by any hand made or magical weapon as well as by magic itself; however, they do not cover the underbelly.

Basic Body Build: Arrow shaped head, long thin neck, leathery wings, strong semi-stocky legs, long lean body comprised of solid muscle.

Abilities: CathEska blakcs in general are highly intelligent and possess great innate magical abilities. I say innate magical abilities because the difference between CathEska dragons and other dragons is the fact that CathEska dragons are magic they don't do magic. What I mean by that is dragons are magical creatures and thus their powers come from the magic the first dragons were created from instead of the magic they were born with.

It is this fact along with Argorian's great age that makes it very difficult to list his abilities. However, there are a few talents that all CathEska blacks have that are not shared by the other dragon clans on CathEska. They include, toxic or poisonous breath, speaking any language they have ever heard spoken, photographic memories, accelerated learning, and soul sight. This last ability being the most unique, at least in my opinion, allows Argorian to see other living creatures/beings in a totally different light.

Soul sight is the ability to see another creature’s soul. What he see is basically the configuration of that soul, color (if it has one), shape, and brightness. All of these things are of course dependent upon the race of the creature/being. This is a gift all blacks are born with. It is something like looking at a painting and seeing only the center and then letting your sight expand outward so that you see the whole thing, but you are still aware of that one small aspect on which you first focused though it is not as prominent.

Humanoid Form

Height: 7'3"

Weight: 325lbs

Hair Color: Black with varying highlight colors

Eye Color: Black with silver around the edges

Body Build: Lean and muscular; ripped basically

Abilities: In human form he retains all their magical abilities and also gains the use of weapons such as knives, swords, maces, etc.

Argorian does not take humanoid form unless he is in the company of those not of his race and then it is done out of courtesy for those he happen to be interacting with.

Personal Information:
*Personality: Enigmatic, wise, curious
*Occupation: Head of Black Dragon Clan on CathEska
*Skills and Abilities: Innate Magic and broad swod when in alternate form.
*Weapons Used: Magic, tooth, claw, and black broadsword

Background Information:
*History: Very long and a work in progress
*Marital Status: Unmated
*Children: None living
*Bonds: None

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Oded Fehr