Character Details - Stefan Griaule

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 Basic Characteristics

Height: 6'0

Hair:  Sandy Blonde

Eyes: steely blue

Age:  3,017

Distinguishing marks:  Golden scales on wrists/Ability to change to golden dragon

Jewelry:  none at this time

Children:  One son deceased

Smell;   The ocean, and fresh earth

Soul Color:  Gold

Basic History;     Hunted out, and mistrusted the Garden dragons were constantly fought, and misunderstood.   They sought to keep the peace, and were instead seen as evil.   When Stefan was four hundred years old his parents left their home world for another hoping to find a place of peace to raise there family.   He was supposed to follow them, but instead was badly injured and forced to go into hiding.  By the time he was fully healed he was unable to find where his parents went.   His parents assumed he was dead, and finally stopped looking.  They then gave birth to there son Soren, and there daughter Tres.   They never told their children about the son they lost, figuring it was a point of history best left unmentioned.   The parents were killed by Lucien, and so the information was lost.   

Stefan spent time travelling looking for signs of his parents, or any one else of his race not still in hiding.  He had a brief affair with a woman which resulted in a child.  The son died several days after birth, and he moved on, unable to truely deal with the grief.  This triggered his draconic abilities however as it was enough to bring the golden dragon in him alive.  

Eventually Stefan found the black dragons in Catheska who offered him a home, and a place to be safe.  He spends his time there in reasonable contentment, although always wondering if there aren't more like him somewhere else. 

Stefan likes to carve small wooden animals in his down time, and is a reasonably decent healer.  He usually has two or three children hanging at his feet begging for his projects.   Stefan has never gotten into gardening even though it is what his race is renowned for--he just doesn't enjoy it.  He does however enjoy a good tustle.

His weapon of choice is his draconic self.  He prefers not to fight in two-legger form, but can do it thanks to the blacks grilling, and demanding of each person to be whole in all forms. 

Stefan enjoys most just gleaning knowledge from others, and learning about the ways of the world, the reason that the black dragons of Catheska attracted him to begin with.  Stefan hordes books of animal history.

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