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Height: 5'6"
Age:  Looks to be 25
Build:  Slight, Weighs around 120 lbs
Eyes:  Green
Hair:  Light brown, but turns red because of magic

Her Heritage:

Alisha is Elven.  But an outcast from her village.  Why you ask.  The Elven village she was born in were a secluded group of Elves.  In fact, if you asked them about their Elven heritage they would have looked at you blankly. 

When the Elves had enter the desert area of Merlin this group had straggled behind leaving the group that is now called the Wild Elves and not following those that became the Forest Elves.  They became the Lost Elves.  They protected a young woman with brown hair that would turn red when her powers or magic were working within her.  Her green eyes were the only green eyes in the group.  She was their priestesses, one of a kind, born only if there was a blue moon on whatever planet they came to.  She would have been the last. 

Coming to this land, now called Merlin, Shania had hidden herself for years behind a cloth that always covered her head.  Her caretakers had long since passed.  She had remained young, full of life and one day she came upon an Elven man who spent much of his time alone.  Though she never uncovered her face, they talked for long house day in and day out, and fell in love.  A child was born.  A normal child.  She in turn grew up and fell in love and so on and so forth and thus all girls were born normal from the priestess line until that one night in the village when the moon was blue and Alisha was born. 

Cast out by the villagers to be an offering to the Orcs she was saved by her parents.  At the age of ten years they took her to the edge of the forest where they taught her how to survive.  Now many years later she roams the desert with her dragon Chilla, never straying far for the forest.

Alisha’s History – why she was cast out:

From what she had gleaned from the villager’s whispers her mother had a bad time with her birthing.  Many said it was because the moon had turned blue. There had been much pain, blood and the certainty that she would die.  Her mother had not died, nor had she.  As a baby she had been accepted by her parents.  But, as she grew they became fearful.  None in the village had hair that changed from brown to red, nor almond shaped eyes that were green.   Then when she had been able to talk she did not speak their words.  She spoke her own, never being understood, until her parents forced her to learn to speak as they did.  They could have dealt with that and had promised the elders to hide her hair.  What they couldn’t hide was the magic she wielded.  She would touch a drying plant and within moments it would be lush with growth.  Or, if another child fell and hurt themselves she would touch the wound and it would disappear.  This magic had to be from demons that must have been born inside her.

The villagers where she had lived had eyed her as a demon.  None such as she had ever been born before in her village. 

Weapons – Skills – Magic

She carries a blade found when she discovered an old tower deep in the forest.  It seems to know her thoughts and responds to her needs.  You don't want to fight her in battle.

She is a natural healer.  If a plant is dying she can cause it to live.  If a person is hurt, or sick, she can heal them.


This bio is a work in progress- but this should give you the general idea of who and what Alisha is.  But, this is subject to change.

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