Character Details - Sabre Cole

Written by Drake SilverwingLast Edited : 9-Oct-2004 12:48:19 am

Sabre Cole is the only daughter to William and Maire Cole, sister to Jack and Drake Cole. She was born a child of magic, forever lost to its powers. At an early age she was casting simple spells, giving her parents gray hairs long before their time. At the age of fifteen she ran away from home, before being induced to enter a sect, or cult. She soon lost track of her family, burying herself in the studies of magic that the cult provided.

Sabre has an enchanted beauty about her, forever youthful by her magic. Her soft brown eyes hides the evil side of her as gold flakes sparkle in the candle light.

Standing at 5'6" tall, her long brunette hair falls across soft white shoulders. A set of gold wire rim glass can be seen at time sitting up on her head, or perched on the tip of her small nose. She's always seen wearing a light, breathable robe, placed over a white cotton blouse, and light tan colored pants. Most of the time she is seen going barefooted, only wearing sandals when the need arises.

She has studied dark magic, but not yet fallen for the darker side. Being a fourth level Mage, she's can always be found reading a book somewhere in a dark corner, a single candle burning beside or above her for light.

With her magical abilities she now able to help the reverend mothers build more sects for the time of the Blood Moon rising. A true believer, she will let nothing stop the sect from their true calling. To bring forth the Demon that is sealed inside the Blood Moon.

So that it may become their ruler.

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