Character Details - Erland Bayard

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Born the third son of a lesser noble, Erland Bayard was soon in trouble. He fell in with the wrong crowd at court, and took to holding up carriages along the roadways of France for a lark.

Until one evening, he and his cousins held up the WRONG carriage - the king's. Granted three days to leave France forever or be hung, he just managed to pay passage on a ship bound for the New World - and got aboard as the ship was casting off.

Disowned, alone, and lacking any honest tradeskills, Erland now finds himself wandering, dependant on his dubious skills as a highwayman.

Erland Bayard

Male, Human

reddish-brown hair, long, curlly

5'11" tall

Hazel eyes with flecks of green and gold

Approximately 20 years old

Slim muscular build

Lithe and graceful


Born in the late 1690's, Erland was one of the sons of a lesser noble in the courts of France under Louis the 14th. Tutored in swordplay, reading, writing, and courtly manners, dancing, and horsemanship, Erland found the details of court boring and soon turned to other sources of entertainment.

He has managed to hold onto some of his personal wealth - and increase it through (literal) highway robbery. He left France in a rush, and so missed out on all the fun of the Revolution.

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