Character Details - Zeraphilia

Written by herbwytcheCreated : 13-Feb-2006 6:44:13 pm
Last Edited : 13-Feb-2006 7:04:40 pm

She's a tiny, winged, sprite.  She shimmers with a pearlescent bluish-green color.  Her wings are as sheer like a golden gossamer.  She is lithe and limber, and very quick-witted.  Her supple little body is perfectly formed, well defined, and muscular.  Her breasts stand erect as that of a young girl in her teens.  But Zeraphilia is no younster.  She is nearly 400 years old.  Her kind live on for ages.  And they enjoy the most basal of instincts, having no shame or guilt, at almost any time they are so inclined to enjoy them.  And should she find someone suiting her tastes, she will increase her size to match that of her chosen l'armour.

Her eyes are of the deepest azure.  And any creature that looks deep into them falls under her spell in the length of a heart beat.  She is completely captivating, and completely enamoured, until she gets bored.  Then she just casually tosses them aside.  Done.  Fini.

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