Character Details - Dorothy LeFly

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Physical Description:

Height: 5' 5"
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Hazel/Green
Weight: 110 lbs soaking wet
Age: Around 23

Who she is or maybe is:

Dorothy grew up aboard ship. Her father’s. He had been a small time pirate even though its in the early 1900s (30s and 40s)he was called that. Never taking on anything too big but seemly always filled with the loot that he sought. Sometimes it had been jewels, gold, or fine fabrics from the Orient. His daughter was the light of his eyes and if he had a failing it was the love he had for her.

Yet he had been a hard taskmaster and when she was old enough to hold a mop she was expected to earn her keep aboard his ship. He dressed her as a boy for years, till nothing could hide her womanly figure. Then he taught her the skills of fighting. Her fists were small but he showed her where they would do the most damage. She could wield a knife with the best of them and later a gun. He taught her to swagger and talk like a man, and she showed him that she had learned to walk and talk like a lady.

You are wondering about her mother. She died in childbirth and for the first 5 years of Dorothy's life she lived with a woman she called Nanny Ann. Nanny highly disapproved of her father’s orders for his daughter to be dressed as a boy, but she did what she was told for he paid her well. It was Nanny she would slip off to see when they came into port, it was Nanny who told her about the facts of life. And it was Nanny who told her where she herself had learned them.

So at a young age Dorothy had visited the taverns along the wharf, hiding behind the many barrels that seemed to line the walls. She would eavesdrop on the men. Learning what they liked and didn’t like. She would watch the women as they fawned over the sailors and the deckhands of the larger ships and luxury liners of those times.

And so her story begins…

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Rhonda Fleming