Character Details - Foalan

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foalanPhysical Description:
*Name: Foalan

Meaning of Name
: Little wolf



Apparent Age (if different):


lithe, well built, muscular

dark brown/black



*Identifying Marks (if present):

dark colors, leather pants, fitted jeans, tight shirt.

Personal Items usually carried:
depends on if he's doing a job, if he's not he's rarely got anything on him. On the job he has a briefcase wihch includes, lock pick set, infared and night vision goggle, latex gloves, and various and sundry items to aid in being a thief including a laptop.

Personal Information:

*Personality: Slightly sarcastic and quite observant, Foalan's human persona doesn't change much from his schi version.

Professional Security Business owner/Thief.

*Skills and Abilities:
Computer skills, thief skills, acrobatics and gymnastic abilities, rapelling abilites, Business abilities. sharp shooter

*Weapons Used:
none he doesn't like using weapons for anything but practice. Although give him a gun and he's a crack shot.

Background Information:

Raised in a catholic orphanage, Foalan spent much of his life in the company of a lot of others. At the age of thirteen an uncle came out of the wood work and adopted him. Foalan spent years learning the intricacies of burglary, his lock picking skills quite good. Over the years he built a solid education graduating with an MBA at the age of 21. Within months he set up the paper work to open his own Security Business. The perfect front for his particular skills.

*Marital Status:



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Gabriel Garko