Character Details - Amargein

Written by SilverthornCreated : 10-Feb-2006 11:11:46 am
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Name: Amargein (pron: aw-VEER-een)
Meaning: Old Irish ama "singing, song" + gein "birth".
Occupation: Bard
Race: Human
Hair: Dark blond, Shoulder-length
Eyes: Blue
Complexion: Tanned
Height: 5' 11"
Build: Athletic
Identifying Marks: None

Marital Status: Single
Bonds: None
Children: None

Abilities: Musician, Singer, Storyteller, Poet

Weapons Used: Dagger

Other Information:

Able to play the flute and bodhrán drum, Amargein is a natural bard, skilled in telling stories and poem, as well as entertaining people with his music. He comes from a long line of entertainers, and travels around the countryside where he is frequently made welcome by virtue of his skills. Sometimes he will settle in one place for awhile, accepting a chieftain as his patron, but the wanderlust is in his blood and he cannot resist seeing what is around the next corner.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Sean Bean as Boromir