Character Details - Jack Cole Steelhand

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Name: Jack 'Cole' Steelhand

Age: 363

Height: 5' 9"

Discription: Small framed, but very strong for his build. Long mane like brown hair and eyes. Always seen wearing short sleeved shirts or tan sleevless vest with faded jeans and short brown boots. His right hand is made from steel, much like a gloved gauntlet except where the steel stops, skin begins.

Born the oldest son of William Gareth Cole and Maire Cole, he left home at the age of eighteen, after having a fight with his father. He has an older sister who was placed in mage school at an early age by the name of Sabre Cole, and a younger brother by the name Drake.

He recieved odd jobs until he became a guard for a king, where during a great war he lost his right hand. Left for dead on the battle field, he was foun by a kindly old wizard, who forged a hand from steel and magic. Given his new name as Jack Steelhand.

Weapon: A long thin double edge blade that hangs from his hip, forged by the old wizard.

He rides a gray mare that seems to understand also given to him by the wizard. Jack has never truely questioned the horses ability to understand him, or the fact that he's able to travel anywhere without the use of a portal. A man that has the dislike for anything magic, he tries to steer away from anyone that uses magic as a tool.

At the moment his heart is lost to a young elven woman by the name of Meylor. Though it has been years since he has last seen her, he still thinks about her every day. That soon changed during achance meeting on Whispin. *During SE*

At this time they are together, but not married.

They have a daughter, an orphan found on the streets who they took in and raised until Meylor could not watch Jack age and die. But for some reason Jack has not changed that much over the years, except for a bit of graying around the edges. And a few wrinkles around the eyes.

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