Character Details - Thalas Kennyr'Tlithar

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ThalasPhysical Description:

*Name: Thalas Kennyr'Tlithar

Meaning of Name:

*Race: Tuatha de Dia

*Age: 38,000

Apparent Age (if different): 33

*Height: 6'4

*Build/Weight: 240 lbs (terran)

*Hair: light brown

*Eyes: light blue

Complexion: pale
*Identifying Marks (if present):

visible at all times: criss cross mark on left hand*, thin scar under right eye.
Maybe visible depending on clothing: Celtic knot design across shoulders mark of kingship, jagged scar long right bicep, diagonal scar down chest.

not visible usually:
Thin scar down right leg from thigh to calf

*old bond mark that never faded although it's currently dead

Clothing: dark colours, leather pants, light shirts, anything appropriate for his office and armour when necessary.

Personal Items usually carried: Lock of hair, a small ball of glass.

Personal Information:

*Personality: Gruff, with a will made of steel Thalas is not known for being an easy man. He's strong and fierce, deeply loyal to those who earn his trust. He doesn't oppose violence but he does understand the necessity of diplomancy in some circumstances. He's honest to a fault and if he doesn't like something he'll say something about it.

*Occupation: high king of Draghuin'Chial/mage

*Skills and Abilities: Skilled fighter and weaponsmaster, skilled with, swords, archery, spears, halberks, hand to hand combat, battle magic, portal and protection magic are specialities along with healing. Glass blowing, horsemaster, and fighting on horseback.

*Weapons Used: anything he puts his hand to although he prefers a sword

Background Information:

*History: The second child born to Caellas and Jalyn Kennyr'Tlithar he is one of the few elves left that even remembers what they were really like. He born fifteen hundred years after the Dragon Wars and is a thousand years younger than Illarndul. At the age of a thousand he his sister was born, and he began to feel restless. Taking his leave of the family he chartered a ship and set sail. He spent centuries travelling, selling his sword to the highest bidder, until he landed on the shores of Draghuin'Chial. The captial city or what was left of it was in shambles, the populace terrified of a king that had long since gone mad. Still young and foolish in many respects he presented himself in front of the King as an advisor, he made the mistake of mentioning his heritage and in a fit of maddness the crazed king locked Thalas away in his dungeons. Shortly there after he was moved to the silver mines to work in servitude for the rest of his days.

For four thousand years Thalas worked in the mines surviving three cave ins by sheer dumb luck. The elf kept to himself for the most part during those years and it took another five thousand years before the new king came to visit the mine. He was discovered near death in one of the camps, worked to a frail shell of what he used to be. The captain of the guard recognized the elf for who he was, and fearing an incident promptly moved Thalas to the city. Years were spent healing from the abuse suffered during that time, but slowly Thalas began to learn magic and battle techniques from all who would teach him. His strength was undenied and in those years he fought and won many tourneys.

It was during one of the tourneys that he met him. All his life Thalas had never met anyone that could awe him as much as he had. Thalas became enamoured but it took centuries for the other to notice. Tragedy had a habit of following Thalas, and the king of the captial of Draghuin'chial wasn't pleased with the attention the upstart mercenary with the prestigious heritige was gaining. In and effort to get rid of 'competition' he had his assassins sent out to kill Thalas. They failed horribly but Thalas found himself thrust in the political ring. In the years that followed, Thalas set about changing the government and the entire continent of Draghuin'Chial. He changed the captial city to Nal'Tasi, and just prior to taking the throne his lover died giving birth to their only son and heir Braiden.

Thalas raised Braiden to the best of his abilities although father and son were too alike and fought more as Braiden grew older. Finally when Braiden was two thousand he left home, renouncing the crown. For years Thalas never heard a word from his son, until he came back to the castle one last time. He stayed for less than a day, dropped a small child off in his father's arms and then left once more. Nyhel was barely three weeks old and was raised by Thalas in much the same way Braiden had been. She had a particular apptitude for magic and Thalas sent her to the best schools to learn. Shortly before her thousandth year she disappeared, by the time he found her she was in the midst of labour.

Thalas did his best with Nyhel but he couldn't get her to take care of Foalan in those beginning months. He raised Foalan solely for the first year of his life, and argued fiercely with his daughter when she placed a powerful bind on his wings. He did what he could to help his great grandchild but Nyhel was strict and limited contact between the two of them as much as she could; especially when Thalas made the proclamation that Foalan would succeed him when the boy was barely three years old.

Years have passed, and Thalas still holds kingship, he was hit hard when Foalan disappeared, and has limited contact with his granddaughter and the rest of her children. He doesn't understand how she can ignore the fact that her son has been missing for 175 years and presumed dead.

*Marital Status: widowed

*Children: Braiden Kennyr'Tlithar (presumed dead)

Grandchildren: Nyhel Kennyr'Tlithar

Great grandchildren: Foalan Cian Ailill Niall Kennyr'Tlithar (presumed dead)

*Bonds: none

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